The Australian Prime Minister by mistake another one was photoshopped in the left leg

The Australian Prime Minister by mistake another one was photoshopped in the left leg

The instantly sold out on the photoshopped pics, the politician also made a joke about it.

On the official website of the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison was published a picture of him with his family. All anything, but Twitter users noticed strange shoes policy. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the “experts” photoshopped image and replaced the original shoes two of the same left Shoe.

Yep, as per that last RT, it’s true. The PM has poorly-shopped white footwear on his official website’s family portrait.

— Stilgherrian (@stilgherrian) January 8, 2019.

Yes, that’s right. The official family portrait of the Prime Minister attached a photoshop strange white shoes.

Such a blunder instantly dispersed social networks, creating not only a lot of questions to the Prime Minister and his staff, but also a lot of jokes and photojob. Users began to further “improve” the Morrison and its families, and also remembered other well-known future.

Side by Side …………who is working in his office? #auspol

— The Angry Goddess (@Bishop64) January 8, 2019.

The original and the photoshop: who ever worked on this photo?


— Stilgherrian (@stilgherrian) January 8, 2019.

— Evan Butts Fan Club (@smidgey) January 8, 2019.

BREAKING: Picture of ScoMo”s feet leaked

— Evan Butts Fan Club (@smidgey) January 8, 2019.

Urgent: photos of the feet of the Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

— pepe le vamp (@pepelevamp) January 8, 2019.

The Chinese government photoshops are the best tho.

— Patrick Gray (@riskybusiness) January 8, 2019.

Photoshop Chinese officials are good too

RT schnozzman: Yo did I do this right?#Shoegate

— REAL ANDREW LANDERYOU HOURS (@LanderyouAndrew) January 8, 2019.

After the photo drew the attention of the journalists who edited the official website was replaced by the original, which politician posing in old, not white sneakers.

Sam Morrison also does not leave this incident without attention. On Twitter he posted a photo of his old sneakers and said that he has not asked his Department to “clean his shoes.”

Message to my Department (PM&C): I didn’t ask for the shoeshine, but if you must Photoshop, please focus on the hair (lack thereof), not the feet! ?
Here they are in all their glory – my footwear of choice whenever I can get out of a suit.

— Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) January 8, 2019.

A message to my Department: I was not asked to clean my shoes, but if you need some photoshopping to do, focus on the hair (or lack thereof), not on his feet!
By the way, here are my sneakers in all its glory – I wear them every time get out of the suit.

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