Lukashenko called stupid talk about the unification of Russia and Belarus

Lukashenko called stupid talk about the unification of Russia and Belarus

At a meeting on socio-economic development of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko denied the rumors that Belarus will unite with Russia. On 10 January, reports the BelTA news Agency.

According to Lukashenko, the discussions about the unification of the two countries, as well as rumors about autocephaly for the Church in Belarus “silly” and “far-fetched”. He assured his interlocutors that he and Vladimir Putin not even endure similar issues in the agenda.

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He recalled that several years ago both countries signed the Treaty on establishing the Union state, which planned to develop relations. The parties to the agreement were to adopt a General Constitution of the organization, but Russia “has refused at the time to go this way,” — said Lukashenko. Therefore today it is necessary “to sit down and watch” that the allies can decide on this contract, “we can without any pressure to go.”

The head of Belarus also noted that relations between countries should be developed only on the basis of equality, “because it is the fundamental principles of any Union.” “Not because Lukashenko wants to, as it is presented in Russia”, — said the President. In addition, such decisions need to be confirmed by the peoples of the States, so on their unification “of the question”.

Lukashenko said that Putin takes the same view: Russia will not be able to take this step, given the possible consequences.

Therefore, it is necessary to calm down and stop talking, someone someone tipped or tips. Here no one is applying.Alexander Lucasentertainment Belarus

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