Lawyers of ex-chief of staff trump accidentally declassified details about his ties with Russia

Lawyers of ex-chief of staff trump accidentally declassified details about his ties with Russia

The former head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump by Paul Manafort passed sociological data related to the presidential elections in the United States, his business partner from Russia Konstantin Kilimnik. Is it in the US suspected of having links with Russian intelligence. Details of the connections of Manafort with Kilimnik came to light because of an error lawyers strategist.

Protection of Manafort on Tuesday sent to the court of the district of Columbia its position regarding the allegations that their client violated the terms of a plea deal by lying during interrogation.

According to advocates, all the “false statements” Manafort wearing “unintentional” nature.

That Manafort lying to investigators and therefore lost the right to mitigate the punishment, announced in November, the office of spectracolor Robert Mueller, who is investigating the alleged Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016 and a possible trump collusion with the Kremlin.

In December, Muller published documents, partly revealing that Manafort from the investigation trying to hide. Kilimnik there was mention — according to the office of spectracolor, Manafort not told about one of the meetings with him.

However, the part of documents, which müller described in detail the alleged lies of the political strategist, was kept secret.

On Tuesday, the hidden information became available to the public. Protection, apparently, incorrectly formatted court document, classified pieces were visible retouched the text can be copied and read in another program. (Document with open secret part have bi-Bi-si).

On Tuesday, lawyers for Manafort calls bi-Bi-si did not answer.

News“the Worst day of my life trump”Manafort passed Kilimnik opinion polls

It turned out that the office of spectracolor Mueller accuses the former head of the headquarters of the trump that he allegedly passed to his business partner from Russia Konstantin Kilimnik sociological data from the United States during the presidential campaign of 2016. Manafort, according to spectracular to hide this fact. Defense consultant in this case claims that he simply forgot.

“The simple fact that Mr. Manafort could not remember or incorrectly remember certain episodes of their relationship with Mr. Kilimnik, but often (after he was shown the relevant documents or other evidence) elaborate on their answers, not prove that he deliberately lied,” said his defenders.

The phrase “This applies to the Government’s assertion that Mr. Manafort lied about what he had shared with Mr. Kilimnik survey data associated with the presidential campaign of 2016,” were to remain hidden, but accidentally became public.