In Russia increased the size of the premium to the insurance of old age pension

In Russia increased the size of the premium to the insurance of old age pension

The size of fixed payments to insurance pensions of old age in 2019 will increase to 348 rubles compared to the previous year and will amount to ruble 5334, upon reaching the retired 80 years the payment will automatically be increased by 2 times, RNS reported in a press-service PFR.

“The size of the fixed payments this year will amount to ruble 5334 — payment of the increased indexation on 1 January. In 2018, it was 4983 ruble. Insurance old age pension consists of pension credits and fixed payments. If the person was 80 years old, his pension is getting bigger — reaching 80 years this payment increase two times, the recalculation occurs automatically,” — said the press service.

1 January 2019 pension insurance pensioners were indexed above inflation — by 7.05%. The increase in the national average is 1 thousand rubles, and the average pension will rise to 15.4 thousand rubles.

The FIU has previously noted that each pensioner’s increase to pension will be individual depending on the amount of the pension.

“The higher the citizen acquired during the working life of the pension law (experience, earnings, insurance premiums, the amount of the retirement coefficients), the greater the size of pension and therefore the amount of gain to it after indexing”, — explained in the RPF.

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