The government will allocate 147 million rubles to buy apartments for the residents of destroyed houses in Magnitogorsk

The government will allocate 147 million rubles to buy apartments for the residents of destroyed houses in Magnitogorsk

GORKI, January 9. /TASS/ — Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the amount of assistance each family will depend on the area of the lost property.

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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announced the allocation of 147 million rubles for the purchase of apartments to residents of two entrances of the house collapsed in Magnitogorsk. He instructed Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko to control the fast transfer of funds to the region.

“We now need systematic help to those who remained without a roof over your head. It is primarily the residents of the two entrances — No. 7 and No. 8 is the 101 family. They will be provided with financial assistance for housing,” — said the Prime Minister at meeting on liquidation of consequences of a gas explosion in a house in Magnitogorsk.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers has specified that “for these purposes from reserve Fund of the government will be sent to region a total of 147 million rubles.”

Medvedev also appealed to Mutko with the request “to take under control [bringing money to the region] to have money in the shortest term brought, to avoid any problems, traffic jams that sometimes occur in the financial system”.

The Prime Minister said that “we have signed the relevant documents [on the allocation of 147 million rubles, which is one order and two orders of the government.”

The amount of assistance each family will depend on the area of the lost property, the payments are calculated on the basis of certain norms.

Medvedev stressed that “these funds should be distributed as soon as possible”.

According to the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky, who participated in the meeting via video link, “147 million is the amount that, in accordance with the standards and regulations be sufficient in order to provide citizens with new housing”. “We will practice using one-time cash payments, i.e., we will give citizens the opportunity to choose housing and will pay the cost of the seller,” — said the head of the region. According to him, citizens will be able to choose a new apartment in new buildings and secondary housing market. In his view, “this will allow you to quickly resolve the issue.”

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko reported that the Federal and regional authorities, “coordinated approaches to obtaining new housing instead of the lost”, the cost of one square meter was taken as the average for the region. “It is enough for now to get housing,” — said Deputy Prime Minister. According to him, in Magnitogorsk it is possible to quickly find housing instead of lost. “Construction has been quite active in Magnitogorsk, the market for new housing there is,” confirmed Dubrovsky.

The Governor remarked that the new housing will be purchased “with a plus”, because the area of new apartments is more than was in the affected house.

The head of the Cabinet promised that, if necessary, the Federal government will provide additional assistance to residents affected by the gas explosion in Magnitogorsk.

“If necessary, you can directly go to the Ministry, Vitaliy Leontyevich [Deputy Prime Minister Mutko], view because all the situations are very individual, fully under the template does not adjust, it we understand,” asked the Prime Minister to the Governor. And advised him: “will Show your abilities please contact us, we will then make the decision.”

“All technological aspects [as the victim of a house] needs to be analyzed, it is absolutely clear,” — said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. “There will continue to watch what will be required measures of support”, — assured Medvedev.

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the inhabitants of two entrances — No. 5 and No. 6 — temporarily relocated to in the near future to conduct a “full examination of the two entrances”. “Also in the future will be decided”, — he said. Mutko assured that signed on Wednesday by the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation documents on additional assistance to residents of the affected house, “allow in the future, if this decision is made, they [the apartment in the fifth and sixth entrances] will not be suitable, to come back to this issue.”

Dubrovsky said that evacuated from the affected house residents live with relatives or rented accommodation, the lease paid by the local authorities within three months.

He also stated that “work has begun on the demolition of the seventh and eighth entrances, the dismantling of emergency sections”.

“We assume that before the end of February this work will be completed. We will make the decision for the site, which will be released [in the place of the seventh and eighth entrances]”, — reported the Governor. According to him, the current phase consists of the provision of “financial assistance to people and decision about the further possibility of the operation of this building.”