Moscow and London again bet about Skriblah

Moscow and London again bet about Skriblah

Whether the parties to move closer.


In the Russian Embassy said that a former agent of GRU and his daughter forcibly held power in the UK. The diplomatic mission noted that the mother of Sergei Skripal can’t communicate with his son and granddaughter, the consuls are not allowed to meet them, and the whereabouts of Skrobala unknown. And before that, the Telegraph reported that Skrypali not isolated from society, and the UK authorities have examined all the circumstances of the poisoning of a former agent of GRU and his daughters.

New information about the investigation and the lives of Yulia and Sergei Skripal learned correspondent of “Kommersant FM” in London Andrey Ostalsky: “Network GRU almost damaged a network and the other Russian intelligence services, foreign intelligence, which, however, according to The Telegraph, is now taking energetic measures in order to try this network to recover, while GRU, this will be much more difficult. States that this recovery intelligence network military intelligence will take decades in the UK.