In Kyrgyzstan one of the first for spitting in the street was fined by a policeman

In Kyrgyzstan one of the first for spitting in the street was fined by a policeman

BISHKEK, 9 Jan — RIA Novosti. The police officer will be one of the first in Kyrgyzstan fined for spitting in public places after the entry into the country because of the new Code of violations, said on Wednesday the police Department Chui oblast of the Republic.

“Employee (police — ed.) broke one of the requirements of the Code of violations, which bans burning of household waste in undesignated places and spitting, which carries a fine of 3rd category. Collected on the given fact materials sent to Lebedinsky aiyl okmotu (rural Council) alamedinsk district for decision in accordance with the requirements of the law”, — stated in the message of the police Department.

Two days ago in the social networks of the Republic posted a video, which depicted the spitting in the line of duty law enforcement officer. It was identified within days, he was a representative of the patrol police Department of Chui region.

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It will be the second prosecuted for spitting in public places after the introduction in Kyrgyzstan from January 1, 2019 penalty in the amount of 5.5 thousand soms ($78) for a similar offense. The first was a resident of the Issyk-Kul region, which is January 1 of videotaped demonstrative spitting in the direction of the national Parliament building in protest against the new code and posted this video in one of social networks.

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“There is no doubt that we need to pay special attention to the formation of a citizens social consciousness and experience of behavior in society. I believe that the application of penalties — this measure, which is objectively necessary,” he said Tuesday during a meeting of the Cabinet on the new Code of violations of the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Muhammedally Abylgaziev. In his opinion, the education of the younger generation, a great responsibility should also lie with the parents who are required to instil a “culture of behavior in society”.

“Our nation has always been a love of purity and respect for nature and the environment. People should observe basic rules of culture and behavior in public places, we should put a right example to the younger generation. The self-consciousness of Kyrgyz people is growing in our country must be safe roads, clean streets and yards”, — said the head of government.