The Russians, who won by 500 million rubles in the lottery, not made contact

The Russians, who won by 500 million rubles in the lottery, not made contact

MOSCOW, 6 Jan — RIA Novosti. Residents of the Sverdlovsk region and St. Petersburg, who won the 500 million rubles in the Christmas lottery, still has not turned up, reported the press service of “Stoloto”.

Operational Director for marketing at JSC “TC “Centre” Barbara Bacanovic told me that sometimes the winners may not emerge for weeks.

“We assume that people are worried, can’t believe what happened,” said the Director.

According to her, the lucky ones might simply forget to check tickets or to go on a journey.

The organizers of the lottery winners are advised to contact the organizers to get the win. It is noted that the gain is awaiting its owner at least three and a half years — the winners will receive the full amount of the winnings and then pay income tax at the rate of 13 percent.

Jackpots in Russia

This is not the first such case. Resident of the Stavropol territory, won in a lottery of 100 million rubles, not once asked for money, told RIA Novosti the head of the press service of JSC “TD Stoloto” Julia Gavrishova.

The winner bought the lucky ticket in one of the stalls for 100 rubles, noted in a statement.

“Traditionally, in our practice, the winner appears a week or two,” explained Gavrilova.

A similar incident occurred in Surgut. The resident, who won more than 32 million rubles in the lottery “Gosloto “7 of 49”, was not immediately to come for the money.

The gain in half

Another story with the “lost” lottery winner occurred in the Voronezh region. Mail of Russia asked to respond to the person who purchased the winning lottery ticket at the post office in Panino. The jackpot amounted to 506 million rubles, but the winner was in no hurry to pick it up.