The minimum wage want to increase twice

The minimum wage want to increase twice

The Labour code should be amended to clearly define which allowances are included in the minimum wage (SMIC) and which should be considered on top of it. This was told in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) Mikhail Shmakov.

“The next step is the amendment of the Labour Code, so that it was clearly stated what the allowance included in the minimum wage, and what should be considered on top of it. We will seek from the government and members of Parliament in the preparation and adoption of such amendments,” — said Shmakov.

He explained that there is a decision of the constitutional Court, according to which all incentive and compensation allowances for special working conditions and accommodation should be charged on the minimum wage. The initiators of this trial were unionized.

And she said, “In 2018 we achieved the important step is the adoption of the law on raising the minimum wage to the subsistence level and its annual indexation. But today’s cost of living is no longer consistent with the real, even the minimum needs of people.”