Investigators want Carlos Ghosn signed a confession in Japanese

Investigators want Carlos Ghosn signed a confession in Japanese

PARIS, 6 Jan. /TASS/. The former head of the Franco-Japanese automobile Alliance Renault — Nissan — Mitsubishi, Carlos Ghosn, located in Tokyo prison may be released, if the sign is written in Japanese language recognition.

This was stated by his son Anthony Ghosn in an interview with French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, the text of which is published on Sunday.

As stressed by the son of the former leader of the Alliance, his father is ready to defend himself in court, and only “a condition of his release [from prison] is the recognition.” “I don’t want to comment on the Japanese system of [justice], but when someone you love is in such a situation, completely cut off from the world, when the only condition of his release is recognized, we would like to find a solution to put an end to this nightmare,” he said.

“The paradox is that recognition that he is asked to sign, written only in Japanese,” said Ghosn, adding that “this language is” his father “says”.

He also drew attention to the fact that in connection with the peculiarities of the Japanese legal system, lawyers his father do not have access to the full case.

While Anthony Ghosn said that he had no direct news from his father, and news of it he receives from lawyers. In his opinion, still heard “only the prosecution”. “I think everyone will be somewhat surprised to hear his version of the history”, — he stressed.