The military missed the arrival of the Minister of defense in Petersburg

The military missed the arrival of the Minister of defense in Petersburg

In early January in St. Petersburg with an unofficial visit to the Minister of defence of the Central African Republic, Marie-Noelle of Coara, according to “Fontanka”. On arrival in the city the high-ranking guest, as journalists say, do not know any in the main command of the Russian Navy, nor in the headquarters of the Western military district.

For Koara had a tour in the Marine Cathedral in Kronstadt. According to the head of a branch of the Central naval Museum Alexander Tarpana, the guests were delighted with decoration of the Church.

The Minister also spoke about plans to create in the CAR a special unit of the marine corps.

To the question about why the country has no outlet to the sea, it took the Marines, Tarpon said, “Well, something like that, they said no, but they plan to have a squad of some.” He added that discussion of the subject of Coara plans to return to Russia with an official visit.

Talked to “Fontanka”, the chief of staff of the regional branch of “Warmii” Igor Korovin saw nothing strange in the fact that the military has remained aloof from the arrival of the head of the Ministry of defence of the CAR. He said that to assist the African official’s trip to St. Petersburg, he was asked some friends.

Coara came to Russia on an official visit in August 2018, the newspaper reminds. Then she was met personally by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu.

Russia and the Central African Republic are actively cooperating in the military sphere: there are Russian civilian and military instructors, training local troops in the use of weapons, which Moscow free of charge delivered to the Republic in 2018.

In addition, there is evidence that there are mercenaries from Russia. Sources link them with the St. Petersburg businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, the businessman declared that is not related to any projects in the Central African Republic.