Residents of what countries work fewer Russians

Residents of what countries work fewer Russians

The average Fund of working time per employee in Russia (1978 hours per year) exceeds the same indicator of the countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), where the average value is 1766 hours per year.

In Germany, for example, the average number of hours per employee — 1371, France — 1482, in the UK — 1674, Spain — 1691, Canada — 1706, in the United States — 1790.

However, there are countries where people work longer than the Russians. This is Chile (1988 hours), as well as Greece, Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, where the number of hours exceeds two thousand per year per person.

“But in order to evaluate a lot or a little, you need to understand what the added value produced for each hour worked. While labour productivity is not the highest. In particular, this year we more than doubled behind such European countries as Germany, France, Holland, Belgium. To change the situation needs the state programme for increasing labour productivity”, — said Platygin.

Full interview Director of the Institute of labour of the Ministry of labor of Russia Dmitry Platygin read in the nearest numbers “the Russian newspaper”.