More than 400 people in need of housing after the collapse of a house in Magnitogorsk

More than 400 people in need of housing after the collapse of a house in Magnitogorsk

MAGNITOGORSK, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. Four hundred three people, according to preliminary data, in need of housing after the gas explosion in a residential building in Magnitogorsk, told journalists the Minister of social relations Chelyabinsk region Tatyana Nikitina.

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Monday, December 31, in Magnitogorsk as a result of domestic gas explosion collapsed one of the entrances of ten-storied house. On Thursday, the MOE has completed a rescue from the rubble removed the bodies of 39 people.

“It is clear that the seventh and eighth entrances will be demolished, and there’s accommodation impossible. Today, according to our preliminary estimates, taking into account those who were not registered, approximately 403 people, which we now consider. They live outside of this house,” said the Minister.

She added that these people offered accommodation in temporary accommodation or rent.

“Today, at the expense of charitable funds, we organized the rental for three months and a monetary amount of not more than 15 thousand rubles per month. This process we have started. Already four families have applied, and the money is transferred. Until a decision (on the entrances, which were their apartment — ed.) the livelihoods of the citizens will be organized in such a way,” said Nikitin.

As for the residents of the seventh and eighth entrances, now the issues about giving these people housing. At the regional level the draft decree, which is currently undergoing approval, the Minister said.

According to her, in the seventh and eighth entrances were 104 apartments, they are home to 378 people.

According to her, keep records of residents who had mortgages. To date identified 12. “Each family will be personally carried out the work… work is now under way with the banks. Two already have an agreement. Yet we today have information that nine banks”, — said Nikitin.