In France fifty thousand people are participating in the “yellow vests”

In France fifty thousand people are participating in the “yellow vests”

MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. At least fifty thousand people participated in the mass protests of the movement “yellow jackets”, told the radio station France Info, citing the statement of interior Minister Christoph Costanera.


Saturday’s marches began the eighth round of demonstrations began in mid-November, with demands not to raise taxes on gasoline.

According to the newspaper Monde, in Paris, in a protest attended by about four thousand people. The mass procession started from the square of the Hotel de Ville at city hall.

In Paris and other cities actions are accompanied by clashes with the police. In the capital, the police repeatedly used tear gas.

BREAKING: Thousands of Yellow Vest protester”s marching in Bordeaux in France. They are matching to the stock exchange #ActeVIII #GiletsJaunes

— Global News Network (@GlobalNews77) 5 Jan 2019.

According to the BFMTV, the stock militiamen detained 18 people.

The newspaper Parisien notes that the official representative of the French government Benjamin Hryvnia had to be evacuated from the Cabinet after the invasion of a group of demonstrators in the yard of the Ministry. According to eyewitnesses, about 15 people dressed in black and yellow jackets, kicked the door of the office with the help of construction machines. It is reported that the protesters tried to invade other ministries.

“Not attacked me and on the Republic, its institutions,” said Grivot, quoted by the newspaper. Official to represent the government condemned such actions, calling them unacceptable.