Macron ready to make the country a profound change in connection with the protests

Macron ready to make the country a profound change in connection with the protests

PARIS, 4 Jan. /TASS/. The President of France Emmanuel macron during this year’s first meeting of the Council of Ministers announced its readiness to significantly deepen the planned conversion in the country, to meet the requirements of the population. This was announced on Friday, government spokesman Benjamin Hryvnia, speaking following the meeting. Stream the briefing was available at the Elysee Palace on Twitter.

“Obviously, we need to go further to production changes, to be more radical in their methods and style of action,” said Grivot, conveying the words of the President.

“We need to fully respond to the yearnings and aspirations of the French, as these aspirations led us to power. Perhaps our actions differed to some conservatism and it should be changed. We will be happy to undertake such work jointly with government institutions, representatives of the territories, all who sincerely seek to change in our country”, — said the representative of the government, expressing the opinion of the President.

The fault of the government

Grivot noted that during his speech at the Council of Ministers macron stopped “on those aspects that can be blamed to the government at the end of 20 months of operation”. One of these main disadvantages, he said, is that “for many French people the situation has changed only slightly in regard to their life, major changes in the social sphere has not happened.” Also, the authorities, according to Macron, “it should be noted that it is necessary to give people a chance in a world where they are forced daily to fight for their political space.”

At the same time, the President “stated that the authorities are on the right path and that there is an opportunity a natural way to improve the situation.” “We gave concrete answers to legitimate the first requirement of the “yellow jackets”, particularly in terms of purchasing power, with just 12 days after the President announced upcoming measures”, — reminded in this connection, the representative of the government.

Grivot said that the President promised a “big national debate begins in France in the coming weeks and will provide citizens with a good opportunity to Express their opinion.” “Those who sow discord and unrest continues, obviously not going to participate in the national debate,” he said, pointing out that citizens must “participate actively in the discussions, expressing your opinion, as this is particularly important for the country in the current period.”

The French President confirmed, as reported by Grivot, the determination of the authorities to stop all illegal actions. “No one is above the law. The power will remain on the side of the law,” stressed macron.

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