Yuri Loza sharply criticized the “Blue light”

Yuri Loza sharply criticized the “Blue light”

MOSCOW, January 3 — RIA Novosti. Well-known Russian and Soviet artist Yuri Loza in an interview News.ru spoke sharply about new year entertainment programmes on television, which, in his opinion, did not like the Russian audience.

Vine believes that in the Russian show business was left of these professionals to come up with a good script, and those who remained, trying to “eradicate”.

“From nothing to create something. If you try to create a concert without having the creators, then you have nothing. For a very long time on our TV was the eradication of professionals — those that can do something in show business”, — said the singer.

In his opinion, this tendency connected with ever increasing purchases of foreign content, as well as corruption.

“The goal is to eliminate your and begin to buy in the West the foreign content, the waste material. It’s part of the overall trend. So today, if you want a song, say, for a performance at the Eurovision song contest, no one is trying to create it here. Go and buy in America or Israel. If you need a beautiful room — going to France, to Sweden. Themselves do nothing,” — said the contractor.

This, according to Vines, is the failure of new year’s entertainment programs on Russian television, and, in particular, the “Blue light”.

“It turned out that to buy all the new year holidays does not work. There are no such programs that our television is staged. So I had to turn to recipes that were invented 60 years ago. But this time, everything must get bored and drink, and connoisseurs, and “blue lights”. It all long been stuffed on edge, and we eventually we get what we get — there is nothing to see in the new year’s eve,” added the contractor.

Separately, the Vine touched on the subject of appearance on the Russian stage for young performers. According to him, the country has a long-standing structure that not allows you to develop new talents.

“The fact is that when a man finds out that he’s not 20 songs and 19, will be a terrible scandal, involving all means of attack. It’s a whole structure. Here tomorrow, for example, will the program “New wave. The best.” Announced as the contest of young performers. Who is it going to be? You won’t believe! It Allegrova, Kirkorov and so on. Any young artist! You say: “the Contest of young singers”, and young is not in sight,” said the musician.