The FSB will save the temples from terrorists

The FSB will save the temples from terrorists

The FSB developed the project approving the requirements to anti-terrorist protection of Russian churches. The relevant document posted on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

The project implies that every temple, Church and monastery will be assigned to one of three categories of protection against terrorist attacks. Set category is a regional Commission composed of representatives of the FSB, Regardie, the emergencies Ministry and local authorities and headed by the rector of the Church.

The first category will be assigned to those sites where the projected number of victims in the event of a terrorist attack will exceed one thousand people, and the projected damages of 50 million rubles. The second category will be those temples, where the number of victims would amount to one thousand people, and the damage — up to 50 million rubles, the third — those which will be not more than 200 victims, and the damage does not exceed one million rubles.

The Commission shall study the information on the maximum number of parishioners, its size and the constructive and technical characteristics, and to identify potentially dangerous areas on the territory of the religious object and to determine the level of threat of terrorist attack.

It is planned that all the temples will be equipped with a warning system and evacuation management, as well as lighting system. The objects of the first and second categories will provide video surveillance systems and alarm buttons, and their territory will start to be on duty employees of private security companies. Temples belonging to the first category, is further equipped with anti-collision devices.

In addition, FSB offers once a year to conduct routine anti-terrorist check and organize training for workers of churches.