The death toll in Magnitogorsk has reached 38 people

The death toll in Magnitogorsk has reached 38 people

MOSCOW, January 3 — RIA Novosti. Rescuers pulled the body of the 38th died in the collapse of the entrance of a house in Magnitogorsk, told RIA Novosti in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

A gas explosion in Магнитогорске07:43 (GMT)the Threat of structural collapse at home in Magnitogorsk remains

“Retrieved the body of a deceased female total number of victims amounted to 38 people,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In Magnitogorsk on Monday from-for explosion of household gas collapsed one of the entrances of a house.

To the city hospital immediately after the incident there were five victims. A day later, under the rubble of the house found the eleven and the boy was evacuated to Moscow. The child is in serious condition, but non-life-threatening.

Rescuers manually assorted debris.

World leaders expressed condolences in connection with tragedy.

The decision of the authorities the families of the victims will receive one million roubles, 400 thousand rubles will be given to the citizens who received grave or medium-gravity damage to health, 200 thousand received light injury.

The funeral of the 16 victims under the rubble after a gas explosion in a residential building in Magnitogorsk will take place before the seventh of January.