In Russia in 2035 will appear to the University to study robots

In Russia in 2035 will appear to the University to study robots

MOSCOW, January 3 — RIA Novosti. University for the training of robots and artificial intelligence will appear in Russia by 2035, reported RIA Novosti in STI “Avtonet”.

“By 2035, Russia will have a “University” for teaching artificial intelligence (AI), or organization, which will pass the tests and improve the technologies of the digital consciousness experienced professionals. The center staff will be graduates of the specialized areas of universities that will teach the AI the application associated with the introduction of automated vehicles and V2X communication technologies (services through which the vehicle interacts with another vehicle, environment and infrastructure — ed.) in the city’s transport infrastructure,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

On the basis of universities will be created in the institutions where skilled professionals will consistently test and develop the Russian development of artificial intelligence. Work professionals will be on the experienced student models and third-party technologies. Commercial organizations will be able to apply to the institutions to Refine the technology.

Teacher training the AI, or “expert on artificial intelligence” will be one of the priorities of “jobs of the future” in the field of communication, information and communication technologies, according to the NTI “Avtonet”. Such specialists will develop and design algorithms artificial intelligence for transport and logistics services, intelligent urban mobility. The development will also accelerate the introduction of automated vehicles.