Rescuers found the wreckage of the stairwell in Magnitogorsk of the deceased child

Rescuers found the wreckage of the stairwell in Magnitogorsk of the deceased child

Rescuers recovered from the rubble of the collapsed entrance of a 10-storey residential building of Magnitogorsk, the bodies of two more victims. This was announced by the representative regional GUMCHS of Russia Mikhail Yurin, reports TASS.

A gas explosion in Магнитогорске09:31 (MSK)To Magnitogorsk from the rubble recovered the bodies of 14 victimsof the gas Explosion in Magnitogorsk. Operational информация8 (351) 239-99-99″hotline” of EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk областиПодробнее8 (495) 400-99-99Единый “telephone hotline” of EMERCOM of the Russian federation8 (495) 983-79-01Справочная of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian federation8 (351) 268-98-54Горячая line of the Ministry of health of the Chelyabinsk области8(351) 940-26-23Штаб of emergency in Magnitogorsk

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Among the found was a child.

Thus, the number of the total death toll rose to 11. In the area of the collapse, lived 120 people. The fate of 30 people is unknown.

Yurin said that the rubble is slow, since there is a threat to the lives of rescue workers, and those forced to “work precisely”. According to him, currently working at height terminated, continues the rubble at the bottom.

On December 31 in one of the houses in the centre of Magnitogorsk gas exploded, resulting in the collapsed entrance of the building. January 1, rescuers found alive 10-month-old boy. Baby on the same day in serious but stable condition were taken to the Moscow Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology of a name of Leonid Roshal.

The investigative Committee rejected the version of the attack, saying that the explosives or their components in the scene are detected.