Rescued from the rubble in Magnitogorsk baby was brought to Moscow

Rescued from the rubble in Magnitogorsk baby was brought to Moscow

MOSCOW, January 1. /TASS/. Baby rescued from the rubble of the collapsed entrance of a house in Magnitogorsk, by a special flight, accompanied by specialists from the Federal medical-biological Agency, child anesthesiologists and emergency physicians and trauma surgeons were brought to Moscow, the correspondent of TASS.

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The plane landed at Sheremetyevo airport, where already waiting car resuscitation.

The child was found under the rubble of the destroyed entrance after more than a day after the tragedy. According to doctors, the boy was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral trauma, hypothermia, and frostbite.

On the morning of 31 December in Magnitogorsk there was a collapse of overlappings in one of entrances of ten-storied house. According to the latest reports, the list of victims of the tragedy nine people. Not know the whereabouts of more than 30 people, dozens of people were evacuated from the affected and neighboring entrances. Russia’s investigative Committee considers explosion of household gas as a priority versions of the incident.