The body of the fifth victim pulled from the rubble in Magnitogorsk

The body of the fifth victim pulled from the rubble in Magnitogorsk

MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti. Rescuers pulled the body of a fifth victim from the rubble at the site of gas explosion in an apartment house in Magnitogorsk, told RIA Novosti in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

A gas explosion in Магнитогорске31 Dec 2018Разбор blockages in Magnitogorsk will continue for at least two daysa gas Explosion in Magnitogorsk. Operational информация8 (351) 239-99-99″hotline” of EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk оластиПодробнее8 (495) 400-99-99Единый “telephone hotline” of EMERCOM of the Russian federation8 (495) 983-79-01Справочная of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian federation8 (351) 268-98-54Горячая line of the Ministry of health of the Chelyabinsk области8 (800) 775-17-17″hotline” of EMERCOM of the Russian federation8(351) 940-26-23Штаб of emergency in Magnitogorsk

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Previously, the Agency had confirmed the death of four people.

“As of 04.00, in Magnitogorsk discovered and extracted the fifth victim”, — told the Agency.

The tragedy in Magnitogorsk

Early Monday morning in Magnitogorsk, according to preliminary data, a gas explosion collapsed the entrance panel desyatietazhki 1973 buildings.

According to the emergencies Ministry, five people were hospitalized, the fate of another 35 unknown.

Earlier, the authorities of Magnitogorsk reported that the debris at the site of emergency and dismantled from the upper floors because of the threat of collapse of structures. Work is being done around the clock, every half hour, announced the silence mode.