Scientists told about what is healthy for the heart

Scientists told about what is healthy for the heart

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. Scientists have found that consumption of dairy products positively influences the cardiovascular system, according to Food News.

The researchers came to the conclusion that, along with milk and healthy meat products with high fat content are also good for the heart.

“Our results show that dairy foods are beneficial for heart health and longevity. This differs from the current recommendations of nutritionists,” says one of the authors Salim Yusuf of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

The research group conducted a study with the participation of 218 thousand people from more than 50 countries. Patients were divided into five groups depending on the composition of their diet. It turned out that participants who ate lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, meat and dairy products had the lowest risk of developing cardiovascular disease and premature death.

It was found that dairy products and meat superbacana good for the heart.

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