How to eat for 11 rubles and not die? The Russians reveal the recipes of survival

How to eat for 11 rubles and not die? The Russians reveal the recipes of survival

The cost of the food basket for New year celebration in the family of four will be 6253 rubles, which is 1.6 percent more than the year before. However, not all Russians will lay a festive table. Readers Of “”, forced to exist on a living wage, told about their daily diet.

The food basket for New year celebration will cost a Russian family of four in 6253 of the ruble (this is 1.6 percent higher than a year earlier). However, not all Russians will lay the table so luxurious. For many, this amount — the two-month budget on food. Readers Of “” forced to exist, and even raise children on minimum wage, revealed the secrets of survival, and described the details of his daily diet.

“Bread do not buy”

John DOE (name changed)

Work as a watchman. Salary of six thousand rubles, plus get 400 rubles for the protection of the “left” of a truck Parking in a gated building me base.

I, of course, not a spender, I have enough food in the month of 600-800 rubles, the rest of the money mainly goes to pay for housing services and other needs (for example, 500 roubles for journey to work and back).

Here, for example, the other day the janitor decided to chip in 100 rubles for the purchase of his bones (the bones — approx. “Of the”) for our guard dogs. Steward had to give. Eat one or two times a day.

Clothes I have two jackets, one winter, bought in 1998, and the second jacket purchased in 2004; “all-weather” shoes, purchased in 2014, and the winter, “born” from last year. There are also two pairs of jeans in 2010, and shirts, in my opinion, the same time of purchase. Cowards don’t remember what “age” they might five years. In General, it is not yet frayed.


In order to make a reasonable allocation of resources chose the most “effective” products. Buy them by the kilo, individually or in grams (if possible): it is important that money invested in food, not stale. You never know how you can change circumstances. Occasionally buy milk (about 40 rubles per liter): take half a Cup a day. At every meal and eat more fresh green radish (40-50 rubles per kilogram). Buy at a time two or three radish.

Option # 1: boiled cabbage with tomato sauce, carrots, dill, onions, salt.

Option # 2: oatmeal with a side of chicken stew. Oatmeal — the cheapest of grains: about 20 rubles per kilogram. A stew is a chicken back, almost cleared of meat, on average, about 50 rubles per kilogram. Buy 300 grams. In gravy to taste add tomato sauce, carrots, dill, salt.

Dessert: tea with sugar (one of the mini markets can be found sold by weight — 40 rubles per kilogram, I buy for 200 grams).

NewsRussian officials have sent baskets from Sechin

Sometimes, for variety buy pasta. But get a little expensive based on the cost per unit of nutritional value and satiety. Bread do not buy. Very rarely take fish blue whiting — it is the cheapest relative to other fish species: 70 rubles per kilogram. At a time eat a piece weighing about 60 grams.

Anyway, who “sucks the thumb of” all laws should test them first on yourself. I myself have experienced. Since all sorts of figures-Amateurs make the laws, why don’t I invent a similar?! For example, to dismiss the Deputy of the state Duma Sergey vostretsova, who proposed to introduce a tax for self-employed; to withdraw all of his savings and property in favor of the unemployed and the informally send to work as the watchman! I think it is downright obliged to remain satisfied with the action invented also a system of fines!

“Beef is not eaten for five years”

Vladimir Paskhin

Sorry for the very retirees, but even more offensive when the person working on the production, receive starvation wages. I’m from Vologda, have a higher education. Experience in railway company — 25 years. My salary is 25 thousand rubles, this is a night shift — I was lucky. Wife earns 12 thousand rubles.

We have two children, the eldest son is studying at the Institute in St. Petersburg, receives a scholarship 3 thousand rubles, and the youngest is in College for a fee.

Utilities — 7 thousand rubles, payment of studies — 5 thousand rubles, transport — a thousand rubles each, plus sometimes you need to buy clothes. Food remains at best four thousand rubles.

Hence health problems: teeth have left, and why they are needed… Have to grasp at any job, to hack, to somehow make ends meet.


Breakfast: tea (if you’re lucky — coffee in stock: 69 rubles per 100 grams) with a slice of loaf (18 roubles for a loaf — enough for two or three days).

Lunch: soup, most vegetables, sometimes with chicken bones (soup set — 60 rubles per kilogram) plus a piece of black bread.

Dinner: roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes with pickled cucumber or vegetable salad. Sometimes pasta, rice, buckwheat with sausages (of dubious quality — 90 rubles for 400 grams). At least — the chicken (in shares -200 rubles per kilogram), pork (need to find for the stock — 200 rubles per kilogram). Beef was not eaten in five years.

Dessert: tea (price is 25 rubles for 300 grams).

Newsthe Russians wanted the power of respect and honesty

I would like to note that the human diet that works physically rather than sitting in the office, in the heat, under air conditioning. Written about the cost of vegetables: we have a small cottage (three families), where all summer without straightening his back to her work. The result is that it is grown themselves, making preparations for the winter. If a good year, potatoes for the whole winter enough, plus carrots, beets — and survive. If you buy everything — until retirement definitely not endure.

I’m not complaining, many worse live. Help each other than we can. It’s a shame, of course, that in a rich country so poor and so many billionaires. Thanks to the government that although the country and the yield from them is not imposed high taxes. But travel to the country eats a decent amount.

“Meat has no money”

Elena Ivanova (name changed)

I live in a small town of Slantsy in Leningrad region. We have terrible need of employment: I am 47 years old, second year to find work. Health is such that any work will be mastered. The unemployment benefit — 850 roubles. Tell me how on this money to survive? I want to still live to retirement.


Pasta is cheap — 10-11 rubles (unit of weight is not specified).
Oat flakes — 15 rubles (unit of weight is not specified).
Vegetable oil — 58 rubles per liter.

And so every day. For meat and sausage no money.

“I decided not to give up”

Alena Potapova (name changed)

I am 53 years old, I live in Saint-Petersburg. For the last three years to ten thousand rubles per month, including expenses on payment of housing and communal services, mobile communication, Internet and electricity (the cost of housing in the cold season reach 7 thousand). Thousands more spent on medicine, transportation, small household items, personal hygiene products and personal care.

The newsCalled the price of poverty in Russia

Survive for three thousand rubles a month, but full-fledged balanced nutrition of the question: the fruits and vegetables to squeeze into the budget difficult. Also had to give up tea, coffee and cocoa, sweets and pastries, without which no sooner my purchase is not treated. Bread I do not buy it — bake itself, wholesome, without yeast, self-starter. No ketchup and other sauces.

Previously, I often had to throw out the sprouted onions and carrots spoiled, now I shred and freeze portions for displaying the one cooking in small packages. A pack of butter to buy for a month and a half and I use it very sparingly. Occasionally manage to buy discounted frozen fish and Turkey, and three times a year or a little cheese. Red meat for all three years bought four times (once beef, and pork). Also once was able to buy eggplants at a discount.


Breakfast: yogurt (made myself in the saucepan, a litre of yogurt costs for the price of a liter of milk — 40 rubles). It replaces my whole range of sour-milk products.

Lunch: chicken in sauce and pasta or cereals. One carcass (200-250 rubles) lasts three weeks (three times I prepared her food — each time for a week). Liter great sauce derived from one tin of tomato paste (24 rubles per 380 grams), then it is poured into scalded with boiling water banks and after cooling stored in the refrigerator.

“Dessert”: the apples and bananas.

Often have to throw away poor quality products, which hurts my modest budget, but to return them to the store, as experience shows, impossible. You can submit a complaint to the CPS, so they went to check in the store, but I doubt that their arrival on the shelves will stand the same products. Therefore, the question of refund for substandard products unsolvable.

Before I could imagine how to live on this amount a week, but a month — it seemed impossible. But in my life there was trouble, and I decided not to give up, to accept this challenge and try to survive. I lost weight during these three years, fifteen pounds.“God willing, we will survive”

Anna Kuznetsova (name changed)

I live with child in a remote village. My husband works in the city and gets 11 thousand rubles. No work, no kindergarten, no prospects. How to live? Husband’s mother receives a pension of eight thousand roubles. The state pays 400 rubles for children. Total: 18 thousand 400 rubles at all. I’m not working, because there was no work. Clothes buy possible, well that child give things to relatives. Utility services cost four thousand rubles. Purchased once a month, usually promotional products.


Breakfast: porridge.

Lunch: chicken soup (chicken baby), “makaroshki” with mayonnaise and ketchup.

Dessert: fruit, yogurt, candy, cookies, juice — an average of 60 rubles per kilogram.

Fruit and meat do not eat, all useful. So now almost the whole of Russia lives. God willing, will survive, will raise a good man.

“Put them on my salary and the salary of his wife!”

Alexey Chesnokov (name changed)

I’m not an alcoholic and not a drug addict. My wife is too. Both work. My salary is thirty to thirty-eight thousand rubles a month, his wife — 15 thousand rubles. We have three children and we used to live quite normally. But with the dragon terms of money was not enough.

With my salary FSSP shoots 50 percent in favor of alimony and the pension Fund as my employer in the past had not transferred the money. During the year the officers I considered payments on the average salary in Russia. The debt was formed.


We do not run the administrations are trying to survive themselves. *** (nuisance — approx. “Of the”) our members — because of them we have to survive. To put them on my salary and the salary of his wife!

“This year we had a complete nightmare”

Victor Omelchenko

I retired from the village in the Krasnodar region, the invalid of the second group. Moved in 2010 to a massive heart attack, three day coma, heart surgery. Living with a left ventricular aneurysm. His wife is also seriously ill: allergies, high blood pressure, kidney stones. Before her illness, worked as a civil specialist in the Fps with a salary of 15-20 thousand rubles. My pension is 11 600 rubles plus disability — 2 600 rubles. The wife retired — 8 500 rubles. Worked in one place for 34 years, got under reduction in connection with the liquidation of the company.

The government forced us to take loans for health and life in these conditions. Until this year, yet somehow survived. This year a complete nightmare for the electricity previously paid 400-500 rubles, now — 800-900 rubles, the bread has risen by 4 rubles, gas, gasoline — 10 rubles.

And housing and medicine — all automatically went up. While VAT has not been touched, somehow making ends meet. And now the wife can’t make the inheritance after the death of his parents: the entire pension is spent on loans.


Breakfast: grits — 25 rubles per kilogram.

Lunch: “makaroshki” (45 rubles per kilogram) vegetables and vegetable oil (70 rubles per liter). Sometimes buckwheat — 40-50 rubles per kilogram. A piece of bread — 29 roubles for a loaf.

Dinner: sometimes dumplings — 160 rubles per kilogram.

Summer is easier — we are rural dwellers, and vegetables all grow and can on the market to sell something.

Officials currently assigned salaries to a million or more — we would have at least one half of a salary, we could solve all their problems in the next ten years.

In one, however, thanks, there were 13 300 rubles, I nedonoshennyh the pension Fund in 2014. Repeatedly wrote the President, the Federation Council, but all my emails bounced to the administration of the Krasnodar territory. Received many replies from local authorities. And the answer to your question — how to survive? — not received.

“It’s not funny”


I’m 80 years old, live alone and I have quite enough on my pension. I can’t buy expensive things, but can afford to have Internet, not have public debt, and especially not limit yourself to food. I am a man of kindly and sociable. But recently, I came into such a rage that I wanted to beat, beat, beat-shelf “Coin” and thrash innocent sellers.

NewsRanepa: almost a quarter of Russians live in austerity

I regularly buy chicken roll. In the spring, I mockingly reacted to the ploy of managers, which are hung yellow price tags (price reduction) on the roll which had previously cost 149 rubles 90 kopecks per kilogram, and the new price was quoted —
169 rubles and 90 kopecks, and at the same time called a large percentage of discounts.

But recently, this trick was repeated, and it’s not funny. The store shelves were filled with yellow price tags: “mass reduction”! And my favorite roll is indicated that the price was reduced from 209 to 189 rubles rubles 90 kopecks. But I even before I bought it for 169 rubles 90 kopecks! It was the same with other “discounts”.

It’s a shame not that I’m less likely to buy rulet, but what we consider to be an absolute idiot. I really understood the anger and hatred of young people who do not see themselves out of poverty, but in life and on the screen you see glistening with contentment majors, evaluating peers on cost of iPhone and car parents.

Around they only see lies and injustice and on the screens and the networks, or disassembly of the rich, dividing the apartment in case of divorce or inheritance, or of the revelation of prostitutes. Someone to look up to who can be a youth role model? May be somebody knows?“Nzobadila”

Vladimir Petrov (the surname is changed)

My experience of survival in unemployment — more than 25 years. Two years before retirement, I looked askance at the chief, who combined his work with the custodian of the records: I’m an engineer and asked him the drawings of the products for sales Manager, which required me to do physical measurements on the exhibition samples. And we broke up “by agreement” of the parties (even call this situation “has resigned. the chief”).

After dismissal must register with the employment service, depending on experience you will be given an allowance from 850 rubles to 4500 rubles. I relatives helped make it to retirement. The food is not enough, if you also need to pay for utilities. If only for the food, it is also not enough.


Breakfast: pearl barley with a spoon of sunflower oil (Krupa — 12-15 rubles per kilogram, refined oil — 60 rubles per liter).

Lunch: chicken soup (chicken is 180-220 rubles per kilogram, beet — 15 roubles per kg, onions — 12 roubles for kg, carrots — 16 roubles for kg, cabbage — 15 rubles per kilogram, potatoes — 40 rubles per kilogram, sometimes instead of chicken cubes “Maggi”, “Galina Blanca” — 28 rubles for eight cubes) and bread (13 cents per loaf, the taste is inferior to more expensive). Cook for 2.5 litres — for five days. The portion of soup costs an average of 25 rubles. With this soup is not particularly satisfied, but the liquid food useful.

Garnish: buckwheat or rice cheap (20-30 rubles per kilogram). Plus “Mexican blend” with their hands (carrots, corn, onions, peas and a can 16 rubles). Sometimes dumplings (96 rubles per kilogram for five days can stretch). Pasta (40 rubles per kilogram and meat products — 60 rubles per kilogram).

Salad: beetroot (boiled beetroot, pickled cucumber, boiled potatoes, garlic, onion, salt, butter), meat salad (boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs boiled, a little boiled meat, pickles of the cheapest or fresh in season) in a pan two pounds and a fridge.

Dessert: toasted cheap bread, hash Browns of the cheap potatoes.

Cheap menu range is very limited, have to dream in the cooking process. Salads are a good variety of food, while potatoes and other cheap vegetables. On the purchase of bread saved: it happened that dismantled the cheap, or have decided that it is something with the pasta there. To did not eat for a day or more — this was not.

Not always I remember the recipes (thank you grandma and mom in my childhood did not prepare), cook, rather, nzobadila. Not always in a good mood, depression or not depression, just a feeling of separation and understanding that nothing you particularly depends. Thank you student quenching.

Prepared By Larisa Zhukova