UK has announced the opening of new military bases

UK has announced the opening of new military bases

London plans to open new military bases in the Caribbean and in Southeast Asia after the British exit from the EU. It is reported by The Sunday Telegraph, citing defense Minister Gavin Williamson.


According to him, the country aims at expanding its military presence abroad. The newspaper’s sources said that the new base may appear in Singapore, Brunei, on the island of Montserrat or in Guyana, which is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Estimated time of opening databases according to the source, “a few years”.

Williamson noted that the UK is ready to once again become a global player, and the armed forces play an important role. In his opinion, the political focus will shift after Brexit, and the country will be to establish closer relations with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Caribbean and Africa.

A British exit from the EU should formally held on 29 March 2019. After that, under the plan, Prime Minister Theresa may, until the end of 2020 will be a transition period in which the United Kingdom will continue to pay contributions to the EU budget.