The two lettuce and caviar with him. How to save on restaurant new year’s eve

The two lettuce and caviar with him. How to save on restaurant new year’s eve

Tell what are the ways to minimize costs when ordering at the restaurant table for the New year.

One of the options for the New year — a trip to a restaurant with family and friends. Moreover, this option will be much budget than a favorite of many travel for the holidays, combine with a celebration and feast for the first night of the year. So in a crisis if you don’t want to mess with a homemade feast, the guests and the cooking, the restaurant is one of the good options.

And at the restaurant too you can save. But but we must act in advance. The time has come.

At start!

The company has already collected and already made new year’s menu. It’s time to reserve tables and to do pre-order and prepay. “Don’t choose a long time, — says Irina Chernyavskaya, event Manager of the cafe “Millennium” — for early booking and advance payment, the restaurant may offer a discount. In addition, you will calmly prepare for the holiday, and the remaining half of the month, and not worry where to spend it”.

If you want to save the party, but to receive high quality service and good food do not look for a cheap restaurant, looking for a cozy cafe.

According to Irina Chernyavskaya, you can find something acceptable even in the center of the city, and especially beyond, but will have to spend time and effort.

The savings on alcohol

It is no secret that alcohol is one of the biggest expenses of any holiday. Even if you celebrate at home, still on alcohol you will spend noticeable money. Even more expensive the alcohol, the restaurant is one of the main sources of income of the institution. Wine, cocktails, spirits raise the price tag of the institution immediately and very noticeable, and the restaurant markup on alcohol, hits the pocket of the customers. “It is much cheaper to buy alcohol on your own than to pay for a bottle from the bar institution — warns Irina Chernyavskaya. — Some café, you can negotiate your alcohol purchase at their bar one or two bottles of wine. It is also quite economical option, especially if you really liked the place.”

There are places that have not yet received a license for the sale of alcohol and allowed with her and checks from the store.

They can take a cork fee per bottle, but you can not take it. Most often this is a newly opened establishment, so ask about what the situation will be closer to the holiday, and negotiate “your” alcohol at once, at the time of booking.

Sober calculation