The largest state of emergency from-for explosion of household gas in Russia

The largest state of emergency from-for explosion of household gas in Russia

31 December in Magnitogorsk because of the explosion in an apartment building, several people were killed, the fate of about 70 people is unknown.

A gas explosion in Магнитогорске13:50 (GMT)the collapse of the staircase in the house in Magnitogorsk. The main thing

As a priority versions of what happened the investigators considered domestic gas explosion. About other major tragedies, the cause of which was an explosion of household gas — in certificate “b”.

8 Feb 2000 in Khabarovsk in five-story apartment house has occurred explosion of household gas which has accumulated in large quantity in the entrance. The result was a strong fire. 13 people were killed. Was completely destroyed one of the five entrances.

August 20, 2002 in Moscow in a five-story brick apartment house № 32 on street of the Academician the Queen was a powerful explosion of household gas. Eight residents were killed, seven were hospitalized. Collapsed part of the entrance — 11 apartments, which were home to 48 persons.

March 16, 2004 as a result of domestic gas explosion in a stairwell of an apartment house in Arkhangelsk 16 people were killed, 58 were injured.

14 Jan 2008 in Zheleznovodsk of Stavropol territory in a five-story apartment building on Lenin street there was a powerful gas explosion that destroyed four apartments on the top floors. Six people were killed, three more were hospitalized.

25 Jun 2011 in Vladikavkaz in a private household gas cylinder exploded. Affected 55 people, among them six children. Subsequently, seven people died.

27 Feb 2012 in Astrakhan in nine-floor apartment house has thundered explosion of gas. One of the entrances of the house was completely destroyed. Killed ten people, injured 15 people. 62 families were left homeless.

11 November 2013 year in the village of Zagorski Given in the Sergievo-Posadsky district of Moscow region in a nine-storey residential building has occurred explosion of household gas. Seven people were killed, another seven injured. The explosion occurred a partial collapse of designs of 11 apartments between the eighth and ninth floors.

6 APR 2014 household gas exploded in a residential two-storey house in the village of Konezavodstve’yanovskogo district of the Omsk region, the building partially collapsed. The tragedy claimed the lives of five people, nine residents were hospitalized.

29 October 2015 in the village of Korfovskiy, Khabarovsk Krai as a result of a gas explosion in a residential 23-story apartment building collapsed one of the entrances, killed five people, including a young child.

February 16, 2016 in the Frunze district of Yaroslavl, as a result of gas explosion of household gas and collapse the entrance , killing seven people, including two children. About 25 apartments were damaged.

23 October 2016 in Ryazan in the ten-storied house in the Autumn lane has occurred explosion of household gas. There was a partial destruction of interroom and interroom partitions and walls in four apartments, damage to the floors on the upper two floors. The accident killed seven people and injured 16 people.

6 November 2016 in the city of Ivanovo in a two-storey residential building on Minskaya street has occurred explosion of household gas. The victims of the collapse of the house were six people.

16 may 2017 in Volgograd in a four-apartment building on University Avenue collapsed part of the house due to a gas explosion. Was destroyed 16 apartments. Four people were killed.

9 November 2017 in Izhevsk when a gas explosion collapsed part of a residential nine-storey building. Seven people were killed, including two children.