He created a fictitious military unit and came to Berlin. Not scared even Stalin

He created a fictitious military unit and came to Berlin. Not scared even Stalin

A real Colonel.

“Ribbon.ru” begins a series of articles about the brilliant Scam of the Soviet Union — the people who, under pain of death, managed to make millions of state under the noses of the Soviet authorities. Our first story is about Mykola Pavlenko. The peasant’s son, he was destined to become a Miller — but fate turned out differently. During the war a deserter Pavlenko managed to create a fictitious military unit, be it a commander, a Colonel, decorated… a con artist went through the war, came with its “fighters” to Berlin, where he captured many trophies. Hung with orders and medals, Pavlenko with millions of dollars deservedly entered the elite of the Soviet Union and was preparing to become a General — but got burned on a mere trifle…

The prodigal son

Nikolai Pavlenko was born in 1912 in the village of New Falcons Ivanovsky district Kiev region. He intended to continue the family business — would an ordinary Miller. His Father, Maxim Pavlenko was a kulak — a wealthy peasant who owned two mills and sold flour and grain.

In the big family Nicholas was the seventh child. And perhaps the most capricious of all: after graduating from the parish school, Pavlenko 13 years worked as a clerk for the village headman and absolutely do not want to learn agricultural skills. He was often aroused parental anger.

To endure the attacks of the unhappy father Nicholas finally tired 14 years. He made a note with fake data (print stole elders, using official position). In it, the young man indicated that his father, an ordinary poor farmer, and raised for 4 years by changing the year of 1912 birth in 1908. After that, they shared together all their simple belongings and left home. The way it was in Minsk. There he found work as a Builder-road Builder.

Already in Minsk to Pavlenko heard a rumor that his father is dispossessed, he was imprisoned and died from exhaustion. The family was starving. And Nicholas to help relatives could not — he was interrupted with a penny for a penny. But fierce resentment against the Communists, the young man harbored, however, is not particularly hoping to get even with enemies. But it turned out otherwise.

In the service of the KGB

A long walk in ordinary hard workers Pavlenko did not expect: striving for a better life, he enrolled at the Minsk Polytechnic highway Department. But to study there is time for only two years, teachers began to suspect that a student much younger than she pretends to be, and does not have all the school knowledge. Therefore, the HR got the job: to verify the accuracy of the biography Pavlenko, sending a request to his homeland.

It was 1930, and the fake biography was threatened with harsh prison time. Pavlenko was worth doubly afraid, because his father was arrested, a fact that he also hid. Not waiting for the shame and camps, the young man left the Polytechnic and went on the run. Pavlenko settled in the town Efimov and fear of once again to “Shine” counterfeit documents, stealing stuff.

In 1935 he was caught stealing and spent 35 days in detention. From prison (and maybe shooting) Pavlenko saved a consent to cooperate with the representatives of the people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs (NKVD).

In order to confirm their desire to cooperate, Pavlenko “leaked” the specials two of his former colleagues in the roads. They were fans of the ideas of the disgraced Trotsky and had the temerity to share it with Nicholas. In the end, the workers, the devotees Pavlenko, went to the camp, and the Snitch began to work in the Main military construction Directorate of the USSR, where mere mortals the path was closed.

The marriage of the deserter

However, despite the protection of powerful patrons at the new location Pavlenko didn’t relax and worked conscientiously. He soon began to grow in the service: starting as a foreman, rose to the rank of Lieutenant and head of a construction area. However, their adventures Pavlenko did not refuse: he managed to sell the car materials, to gain for them a lot of money.

A quiet and comfortable life Nicholas was interrupted by the Great Patriotic war. In June 1941, he enlisted in the Second rifle corps, where he became an assistant engineer. In the fighting Pavlenko had to participate often, but this is more than enough. To die he would not — and dare to desertion.

One day in October 1941, when his part was in Vyazma, Pavlenko faked a business trip certificate. Then another deserter — driver by the name of goldfinches — it on the service truck went to the city of Kalinin (now Tver). There were relatives and friends Pavlenko.

A long stay in Kalinin the deserter was not planned, but fate intervened. At the local post office Pavlenko met a girl Zinaida — and soon after they met he married her. His young wife Pavlenko lied that he is an officer of the red army, which is in the city undercover. Drag the newly made spouse knows where the liar does not dare — and decided to put down roots in Kalinin. Lesson Pavlenko found themselves quickly: a lot of roads and bridges of the city and the surrounding area demanded for the restoration and reconstruction, and this he knew well. However, the quiet life did not come this time.