Time for a change

Time for a change

Medvedev and his team have big plans. How it will change the lives of Russians?

“Ribbon.ru” continues to sum up the results of 2018 and to tell you what will happen with the Russians in 2019. Nine months ago, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has collected upgraded government and formed plans for the development of the country in the coming years. The most important of them took the form of national projects and will be implemented from 1 January and can truly make the lives of Russians better. These are projects in the areas of health, supply of medicines and digitalization of education. In addition, the government is working on humanization of the legislation.

A new government with a rate of economists

The first noticeable change in the political structure of Russia took place immediately after the reassignment of Dmitry Medvedev as Prime Minister. He partially renewed the composition of the government and moved to the post of the former Vice-premiers. So, in the chair the first Vice-Premier was Anton Siluanov. Moreover, the position of second man in the government he retained the post of Finance Minister.

The team Siluanov, head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina attributed the success to stabilize the economy after a very heavy 2014. Therefore, the rate of Medvedev and Putin’s economists is understandable.

At the annual press conference, the President noted that, in General, satisfied with the work of the new government, and stressed that he is entrusted with the task to make a “breakthrough” through national projects. “When they say, but there is little change in the government, are those people, mostly financial-economic bloc, who worked on the program of development of the country until 2024. Therefore, they answer for what they have planned”, — concluded Putin.

Golden records

So far, about progress in the economy on 28 December reported Siluanov. Among the 10 major records he called the largest in the history of the country’s gold reserves (the Central Bank purchased of 92.2 tons of the precious metal, making Russia its largest buyer in the world), a record low investment in US debt (buying gold, the Central Bank simultaneously reduced investments in us government bonds, first Deputy Prime Minister thought it would be appropriate in terms of sanctions), as well as a record budget surplus (due to additional oil and gas revenues), a record low debt (525 billion) and low mortgage rates (9.55 percent).

In addition, according to Siluanov, Russia has set records for oil production, gas export and wheat in Europe, became the second growing economy in the world by Bloomberg (despite the fact that in 2012 it was 120 minutes), and finally set a record for tourist arrivals due to the world Cup 2018 and the tourism development in the Crimea. Just visited the country and 90 million tourists.

Trillions for national projects

The future plans for the team Medvedev large and expensive, but encouraging. The Prime Minister said that the government is preparing a number of actions that will reduce the level of poverty in the country by 200 percent.

But the main purpose is to implement national projects, which will be executed the new the may decrees of the President. Now passport approved projects in 12 areas: demography, culture, health, education, housing and the urban environment, ecology, roads, productivity and support employment, science, digital economy, small and medium business, international cooperation and exports.

Medvedev said that in the next three years on national projects have provided 2 trillion 780 billion rubles. “For six years on their implementation, we plan to invest from all sources over 6.5 trillion rubles,” he said.