The Creator of the CRISPR-children found under the protection of the people in mufti

The Creator of the CRISPR-children found under the protection of the people in mufti

The journalists of the newspaper New York Times found Chinese academic Cisangkuy he who in November announced the birth of the first in the world CRISPR-children, in the University town of Shenzhen, where it is guarded by more than ten people in civilian clothes from an unknown Agency.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw him on the balcony of the fourth floor of the hotel and in the room and on the floor, reporters saw the people guarding the room he. University laboratory Khe sealed, official review of police of the city or University NYT could not be obtained.

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The scientist said that in November the twins were born, in which he attempted to create resistance to HIV by disabling the gene for CCR5. Ho told about his work in an interview with the Associated Press, scientific articles about his research or independent evidence yet. However, his University and hospital, which allegedly approved the study he stated that their own investigations. China’s national health Commission is also investigating the situation, and the authorities officially suspended work on the experiment. He, meanwhile, had to announce that another member of his research already pregnant.

Earlier Chinese media referred to the rumors that a scientist not appearing in public since his speech at the conference in Hong Kong, is under house arrest, organized by the University, however, the official representative scientific organizations have denied this information. The co-founders of the company Hae Vienomics, Chaohui Liu and Peng Chen, confirmed the newspaper that the man on the balcony — do Hae, and said that he can communicate by phone and e-mail. The hotel employee also confirmed that it lives he, but declined to give any details.