“Miss Africa-2018” at the awards ceremony lit up the hair

“Miss Africa-2018” at the awards ceremony lit up the hair

The winner of the contest “Miss Africa-2018” Dorcas Kasonde during the awards ceremony lit up the hair. On this December 28, reported a newspaper Daily Post.

The contest took place in the Nigerian city of Calabar.

One beauty of Africa chose 24-year-old representative of the Congo Kasinga. During the awards ceremony, the organizers staged a fireworks show. When this girl so much rejoiced at the victory that I did not immediately notice that from the sparks ignited her hair.

Miss congo”s wig caught fire on stage shortly after she won the Miss Africa beauty pageant 2018 in calabar yesterday, December 27th. pic.twitter.com/ISKKHZgsXo

— Endless Joy (@EndlessJoyblog) December 28, 2018

On the state of Kasindi not reported, but the publication notes that on her head was a wig, and the flame was extinguished very quickly. After the incident, the event continued.

In October it was reported that the winner of the contest Miss Grand International — 2018 fainted.