Media: Vera Brezhnev added in the “black list” of NTV

Media: Vera Brezhnev added in the “black list” of NTV

NTV channel refused to broadcast the performance of the singer Vera Brezhneva at the time of awarding the annual prize “the New radio”. According to media reports, the network made a singer in the “black list”.

NTV will broadcast a concert of the Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva at the time of awarding the annual prize of the “New radio” “major League”. About it reports the edition “the Interlocutor” with reference to its sources.

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As reported by media, the performance artist was cut from the broadcast, which will show in the coming Sunday. According to the source, insisted on that TV executives. Rumor has it that the representatives of the channel added the singer in the “black list”, however, official confirmation of this information.

What is the cause of the conflict between NTV and Vera Brezhneva is unknown. It is clarified that previously the singer flatly refused to give comments to the correspondents of the Federal channel.

Recently, the actress became the owner of a prestigious music award “New radio” “major League”. The singer also performed at the ceremony, one of his compositions, hitting the public, and all present a bright outfit.

In the list of artists to be awarded a well-deserved award “the big leagues”, included those, whose songs were in the lead in the eponymous hit parade of the radio station within the year.

Among them is Polina Gagarina, Vitas, Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Max Barsky, Elena Temnikova, “Night snipers”, Lolita and Alexei Romanoff, Burito, “Hands Up”, LOC DOG and Tree, Nastya Curls, Emma M, RASA, Alekseev, Filatov and Karas, MARUV, Marie Krimpery, Guzel Khasanova and MASTANK.

In addition, this year’s winner was Ukrainian indie-pop band KAZKA, whose hit single “Cried” this summer has reached more than 50 million auditions, and in the fall was on the first line of the global Shazam chart.

The news isthe Most ridiculous outfits 2018

16 Dec Ukrainian singer and former member of the group “VIA Gra” Vera Brezhnev appeared on “the Main new year’s concert” in the sports complex “Olympic” in a voluminous black dress with an open shoulder. Some netizens compared her outfit with a garbage bag. Itself leading did not react to the comments of detractors.

Earlier, 36-year-old actress said in an interview with “Fifth channel” that wants to join the “Pugachev’s mafia”. The singer is so fucking widespread in the 90 years the phrase, which meant that supposedly the way to the stage receive only selected young performers, which was approved by the Diva:

I agree to be in the mafia Alla Pugacheva. Alla, take me to him! I’ll be a loyal man in the mafia.

In mid-December, people’s artist of the USSR and the winner of the State prize of Russia Alla Pugacheva has announced a jubilee concert, which will be held in the State Kremlin Palace in April 2019. The performance is timed to the 70th anniversary of the artist.

“In the life time is 70 years. Give me, o God, forces me this evening”, — stated in the message on instagram.

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The news of the return of national pop stars on stage not only loyal fans, but also colleagues. Thus, the Ukrainian singer and former member of the group “VIA gra” Vera Brezhnev wished the singer of “forces” before the upcoming concert.

“Let the endless love and support from all of us this evening will give you strength,” wrote the artist in the comments to the picture.