Glackin, Chubais and others, had said officials in 2018

Glackin, Chubais and others, had said officials in 2018

“The brain must be included. That’s all. When you are in authority” — the Council gave all Russian officials, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. To these words many should heed.

Recently officials regularly make very ambiguous statements. Then you have to make excuses, and some even have to find a new job. “Газета.Ru” made a selection of the most scandalous and controversial statements of Russian officials and parliamentarians in 2018.

Maxim Oreshkin: the ruble seems “very stable”.

Russian ruble on the background of the new rounds of Western sanctions and increasing rates of Federal reserve system of the USA has fallen since the beginning of the year almost 20%. But government officials are not discouraged. They nodded at those who have fared even worse and did a good face on a bad game.

If you look at a number of other countries such as South Africa, India, Brazil, there is also not so good. Against this background, the Russian ruble, which from the beginning of the year also goes down in value to a basket of Euro/dollar, about 15%, looks — of course, in the background of the currency is very stable.Maxim Crescimento economic development of the Russian Federation

He also called on Russians not to make emotional decisions about buying and selling currency, and declared that a fiscal rule, inflation targeting and other activities of the government “to protect the ruble, giving it stability”. The economy Ministry forecast for the dollar at year-end separated from reality by about 5 rubles. The official rate of the Bank of Russia on December 30 — 69,47 rubles per dollar.

Dmitry Rogozin: “we will check” whether there were Americans on the moon

Landing Americans on the moon haunts the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin. “We this task was set to fly to check whether it was or was not” — said Rogozin. “They say, we will check,” he added. In his opinion, no country in the world is able today to implement the lunar program.

The Russian space Agency said these words a joke. However, after a while it became no longer funny. The head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin in interview to TV channel “Russia-1” said that the Corporation holds the record for the extent of financial irregularities. “A few billion lost — that is, in fact, steal — and now there are investigations,” he said.

Accident with the launch of a Soyuz 26 disablediscovery Russian cosmonaut on the ISS were left without gifts for the New год30 November, Roskosmos explained the failure of export sanctions and dumping SpaceX

In response to negative publications in the media, the head of the press service of Roscosmos, Vladimir Ustimenko said that the Corporation was subjected to a media attack, which prevents to restore Russia’s leadership in space.

Tatyana Golikova: quit Smoking and “save a million rubles”

Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Tatyana Golikova decided poagitirovat for a healthy lifestyle. In an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, she said that you can save a lot of money, giving up Smoking.

“On the First channel there was recently a story of how a young man decided to limit myself and to quit Smoking. Decided yet at the same time to count.

During the year or a little more, I think he saved a million rubles simply due to the fact that he stopped to buy cigarettes.

And it gave him an opportunity to do something different, more useful for yourself, open up your case,” she said.

Given the adequacy of the Deputy Prime Minister estimates there are, shall we say, questionable. According to Rosstat, a pack of domestic cigarettes with the filter, in 2017 the average cost was 80 rubles 46 kopecks. That is 1 million roubles could be bought for the year 12 429 thousand packs 34 packs a day. Is it possible to smoke this number of cigarettes, or Tatiana not entirely sure how the order price, an open question.

Maxim Topilin: “Unprecedented pace” of wage growth