The Outskirts Of Makhachkala. Night. Santa Claus

The Outskirts Of Makhachkala. Night. Santa Claus

New year is near… and with it one of his main characters — the bearded man with the bag (lots of gifts). Tell strange, funny and touching stories from Dagestan Santa clauses.

Athletes and Arabs

Alexander Stepanov, the actor of Russian drama theatre. M. Gorkogo:

Once I arrived to order. I go. And there sat the Arabs, natural, in a turban, with beard, wearing his national. “That’s not where I got that?” — ask. Scared even a little bit. “There,” I said. They have been moved from the Emirates and living in Dagestan. And Santa Claus, and there currently ordered for the New year. Worked, feeling like a character in the story, not on the stage and not the scenery.

Albert Tokayev, photographer, tour guide:

— I then went himself behind the wheel of their car. Traveled around the city together with the snow Maiden. Suddenly a Mercedes blocks my way. A man invited a hundred dollars so I went for it, worked shorter. And off we went. It turned out to be a famous athlete. He decided to please either their children, or grandchildren. The kids were crazy awful solid.

Everyone wanted to give pendel to Santa Claus, to fill, to pass in feet. Fought them off as best he could. But to beat them is impossible? Especially when you’re at a party and you’re Santa Claus.Help the disabled

Alexander Stepanov:

— It was in the late nineties of the poor. I arrived on 31 December between the orders in the theatre, and there is a Russian grandmother, very old, came so sweet, the spitting image of God dandelion, it is clear that not from the rich. Asks to go to congratulate the kid. I told her and this way and that explain that the entire schedule I have scored, half an hour to eat dropped — and continue to work. And so she tearfully begs: “Boy do I have a disability, bedridden, occasion no he doesn’t.” Well how here to refuse? I went to see the Director, because they say so, she also touched, even the car was allocated to the disabled person to congratulate, and from fee we refused, we are people. It turned out, and to go far.

We drive to the richest mansion with columns. Grandmother handle pointing at him: “Here.” I was taken aback. And grandma to start making excuses: “Son, I’m sorry I lied to you”.News“Like this party, so the company will live”

And continues: “there are such wonderful people live all the time that we are without a pension and the grandfather were sitting, they fed us, although we are strangers to them at all, cared, medications bought. Husband when he went to bury helped. And now I’m pension came, all that was, and I try to repay somehow: money to give, the gifts did not take. So I thought: children-that is, they will get such a surprise will, and they’ll never know who… you better not tell me. When you began to refuse, I came up with this story about the disabled, forgive me, good man.”

Well, how could she be offended? I for these kind Dagestani people, who helped an elderly couple, from the heart worked, with pleasure. They’re excited. I tried to give money. I was very surprised when I said, “All paid for”. More gifts were presented. And when I came out, grandma was gone. The driver said it money at the window shoved and evaporated.