The cow escaped on the way to the slaughterhouse and got to vegans

The cow escaped on the way to the slaughterhouse and got to vegans

Brave animal named after a female knight from “Game of thrones”.

The race with the persecution involving all active-duty police officers saw the residents of the American city of Paterson in new Jersey. That’s just trying to not catch the criminal and mischievous cow.

As it became known later that night the animal was transported to the slaughterhouse, but during transport the cow kicked the door of the truck and jumped on the highway.

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A wounded and frightened animal escaped from the police. All attempts to calm the cow or catch her with a rope turned around in defeat. Freedom-loving animal weighing not less than 450 kg began to behave aggressively.

In the end, she threw herself on the neck of the tow rope tow and the only way were able to stop. But at the slaughterhouse, the fugitive did not get. The animal was taken to a veterinary clinic and from there to a shelter”, Skylands” where live animals that escaped the sad fate.

Home “Skylands” — vegetarians. They were assured that the cow lives in peace until the end of his days, and not turned into hamburger. A brave warrior called Brienne. That is the name of an uncompromising woman-the knight from the popular series “Game of thrones”.

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