Samara Minister advised low-income families to start a vegetable garden

Samara Minister advised low-income families to start a vegetable garden

SAMARA, 28 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Minister of socio-demographic and family policy Samara region Marina Antimonov, advised the women to plant gardens to feed children, apologized for his words.

A few days ago, she asked them whether they think that the government is “supposed to contain”. Now Antimonov’s apologized to all of them, adding that he made “invalid expression”.

“When discussing support measures and the explanation of what is being done to address problems in the discussion I made an incorrect expression, which, unfortunately, was taken out of context and replicated. I apologize to those whom this phrase is offended. Suggestions were made to work,” Antimonov wrote in his Twitter account.

Heated discussion about the size of child allowances reversed in the account of Antimonopoly Twitter and lasted a few days. The inhabitant of the Samara region, wrote that she had no desire to support the child on welfare, which, according to her, is 50 rubles a month, in order to feed him “cheap food palm oil”.

I believe that the state should all contain? And where is the father? There are programs of retraining and employment for mothers in maternity and so on. To kids bad foods not to feed our generation gardens and orchards planted. If you want to have a baby, will always find a solution!Marina Antimonument socio-demographic and family policy of the Samara region

At the same time, she said that he had invited the working group on improved measures of social support in the region of girls who initiated a discussion of the size of children’s allowances, but the invitation remained unanswered.

“Officials only comply with applicable laws. If laws are not satisfied, you need to change them… very useful to Us feedback” — added the Minister.

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