Reuters: U.S. wants to leave weapons to the Syrian Kurds

Reuters: U.S. wants to leave weapons to the Syrian Kurds

The American command is going to recommend the White house to leave weapons to the Syrian Kurds to fight militants of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), reports Reuters with reference to sources. The Kurds can leave the armored vehicles, mortars and anti-tank missiles.

The Agency States that this issue is still under discussion. Imagine if the Pentagon eventually that’s the plan that the White house is unclear. Such a move could cause a negative reaction from Turkey, which is fighting with Kurdish militias in Northern Syria.

We will remind, on December 19, the U.S. announced that it begin withdrawing its forces from Syria. According to the American President Donald trump, the task of Washington is the victory over the IG — met. According to the newspaper The Washington Post, Mr. trump said the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the withdrawal of American troops from Syria five days before the official announcement. According to experts, contacted “b”, the decision of Donald trump to withdraw troops from Syria is likely to be the result of agreements between Turkey and the US, although this version is denied by a senior representative of the American administration.

Helpthe United States withdraw troops from Syria

The Americans betrayed their allies. This will benefit Russia, Turkey and Iran.

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