The Russians have told pollsters about the credibility of the army and the Church

The Russians have told pollsters about the credibility of the army and the Church

Moscow. 27 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — the Russians of all state and public institutions are most trusted by the army and the Church, according to the poll, admitted on Thursday to “Interfax”.

According to research by sociologists VTSIOM, the approval and support of the armed forces was expressed by 86% of respondents, almost 20% more than in December 2014, when this indicator was at the level of 69.3 per cent.

The Russian Orthodox Church received the support of 68.8% of Russians (Growth compared to 2014 is 4%).

Third place in trust of Russians to the state and public institutions, law enforcement agencies, have received, according to the survey, the approval of 57% of respondents (in 2014, 48.8 per cent).

The approval rating of both houses of the Russian Parliament over the last four years have declined — the State Duma from 48.5% to 35.5% and of the Federation Council from 45.6% to 39.2%, according to sociologists VTSIOM. In this work, the lower house of Parliament disapproves of almost every second Russian (47%), and the upper chamber, almost one third (31.2 per cent).

More and more Russians, according to the poll, disapprove of the activities of the opposition, the judiciary, political parties and trade unions and the media. So, for the last four years, the level of disapproval of the opposition’s activities has increased by almost 10% from 32.5% in December 2014 to 41.3% in December 2018. The number of Russian citizens dissatisfied with the judicial system had increased from 33.9% to 37.6%; political parties from 27.1% to 37.4%; the trade unions — from 29% to 35%; mass media — from 21.2% to 34.1%, according to the poll.