The British accidentally violated the secrecy of flights trump in Iraq

The British accidentally violated the secrecy of flights trump in Iraq

Amateur British aviation ruined the secret flights of the US President Donald trump in Iraq, telling the Internet about the route of the American leader, when he was still only halfway to Baghdad.

As The Guardian reports, the Supervisory resident of a Small Yorkshire Alan helped to reveal incognito trump the best of circumstances.

A man who also enjoys bird watching, walking near his home when he noticed in the sky a jet plane.

Melissa photographed the object with a camera with a long lens and was surprised to find that this liner VC-25 (one of two modified Boeing, which use the US presidents).

Sheffield aviation enthusiast Alan Meloy spotted Air Force one with President Trump on board as it passed over South Yorkshire on Boxing Day. The image has made headlines across the world. @itvcalendar

— Martin Fisher (@martinfisheritv) 27 December 2018.

“I saw the stars and stripes, and a large flag on the tail,” said the Briton.

The man published a picture of the service vodoobmena Flickr, where other aviation enthusiasts, analyzing resources monitoring aviaperelety, compared with the route of the mysterious flight, and came to the conclusion that the US President is flying to the middle East.

In the end, the White house had to reveal travel details of trump ahead of time. All this caused chaos and confusion in the press service and security of the American leader, the newspaper notes.

December 26 after Christmas, the US President and the first lady Melania trump arrived with an unannounced visit to Iraq. They visited the American military base of ain al-Assad and met with soldiers.

Thus, in the words of trump, he was very nervous during the flight because of security reasons had to turn off the light on the Board and close the Windows.

Helpthe United States withdraw troops from Syria

The Americans betrayed their allies. This will benefit Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Podrobnaya of U.S. troops from Сирии24 Cabramatta signed a decree on the withdrawal of American troops from Сирии22 decayresistant the U.S. coalition against ISIS has submitted to отставку22 decaration stated that the remains of ISIS* in Syria “taken care of local country”