Named first effects of the imminent climate catastrophe

Named first effects of the imminent climate catastrophe

According to the report of the public organization “Christian aid”, extreme weather events due to anthropogenic climate change have claimed thousands of lives and caused enormous economic damage in tens of billions of dollars. Continued greenhouse gas emissions greatly exacerbate the situation in the future. About it writes BBC News.

Experts have identified ten natural disasters, which individually caused damage of more than a billion dollars, with four of them cost the loss of more than seven billion dollars each. The most expensive was hurricane “Florence” and “Michelle” (17 and 15 billion, respectively). According to the results of scientific research, heavy rains during the first hurricane was 50 percent more than usual because of global warming.

On Japan in 2018 fell as floods and prolonged heat. The flooding claimed the lives of 230 people, and caused damage to seven billion dollars. After the floods the country has suffered the strongest since 1993, the Typhoon “Gebi”, losing 17 people and $ 3.4 billion. In Europe also saw heat and drought, which was 30 times more likely because of the increase in average temperature.

According to representatives of the organization, they did not account for a gradual deterioration of living conditions in developing countries due to rising sea levels and more frequent droughts. Due to the increase of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere weather events become more extreme. This can be prevented by reducing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.