In the United States evaluated the tests of the “Avant-garde”

In the United States evaluated the tests of the “Avant-garde”

US defenseless against the latest Russian hypersonic series “vanguard”, according to the American press. The rocket complex can reach the speed of 30 thousand km/h, so can go around the Earth at the equator over an hour and a half. Before the package has been tested on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin — the rocket flew over the Urals and Siberia, hitting a target on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The U.S. armed forces do not have weapons capable of defending the country against the latest Russian supersonic complex “Avangard”. This publication reports The National Interest, citing the head of the strategic command of the USA General John Hatena.

“American military experts grimly assess the ability of the US to intercept such a missile. We have no protection, which could prevent the use of these weapons against us,” — said the military.

It is noted that at the end of December complex “Avangard” has been successfully tested on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The rocket was launched from the landfill, “dombarovskiy” in the Orenburg region, flying through the Urals and Siberia and hit the target in Kamchatka.

After the success of the shooting complex will adopt the Russian Armed forces in the near future. As noted by FANG, the missile “Avant-garde” can reach speeds of more than 30 thousand km/h it can go around the Earth at the equator in less than half an hour.

“Vanguard” is more sophisticated weapons than any American hypersonic analogue, according to The Washington Examiner. Although the guidance system on a target the Americans are more modern, the rest of the Russian missile is more powerful. To seize the “avant-garde” the US military is also still can not.

Hypersonic weapon of Russia and China capable of overcoming almost any missile defense system of the United States, previously stated in the report of the American accounting chamber.

“No countermeasures exist”, — say representatives of the Department.

Moscow and Beijing focus on the development of new weapons, speed, altitude and maneuverability which can penetrate most missile defense systems. The report notes that hypersonic technology can be used to upgrade nuclear missiles.

March 1, 2018, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the annual address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation presented the latest development of Russian weapons.

The President, in particular, spoke about the latest test of a hypersonic missile complex “Avangard” with planning a cruise unit. The system can move in the dense layers of the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds of over Mach 20 (about 24.5 thousand km/h). During the movement to the goal of “avant-garde” carries out deep — like side and height maneuvering. This makes it invulnerable to anti-missile defence systems (ABM) and air defense (PVO).

“He goes to the goal like a meteor like flaming ball of fire. The temperature on its surface is 1600-2000 degrees, but a winged unit securely managed,” said the President.

According to the Russian leader, testing new products was successfully completed, and from December 1 last year, the complex started to perform experimental combat duty on the bases of the southern military district.

“It is well known that countries with a high level of scientific potential and advanced technologies are actively developing the so-called hypersonic weapons. The possession of such weapons, definitely gives significant advantages in the field of armed struggle. His power, might, as they say military experts, can be enormous, and the speed makes it invulnerable to today’s missile defense systems and air defense, as missiles, simply to say, they are simply catching up,” — said the Russian leader.

The Pentagon has repeatedly expressed concerns that the United States is not in a position to intercept hypersonic missiles. In particular, this was previously said by the head of the Northern command of the US Armed forces and command of the aerospace defense of North America General Terrence O’shaughnessy.

According to him, the U.S. will be defenseless against Russian and Chinese weapons in case of war.

Doctor of military Sciences, captain first rank Konstantin Sivkov in the air NSN suggested that such statements from the US need to get the money to build a new missile defense system.

“Yes, the current missile defense system provides cover from a single ballistic missile. Group missile attack it would reflect not able to. When we are talking about a massive impact, its effectiveness is zero. Therefore, Americans tend to have their missile defense system could reflect group shots. To do this, they beat out the money. And for this all you need to scare, especially silly and stupid the American public like they are defenseless from Russian nuclear attack,” — said the expert.