What awaits the Russians in January 2019

What awaits the Russians in January 2019

Brief overview of the main legislative changes.

From January 1, will begin the first phase of pension reform. Within a few years (until 2028) age of retirement will gradually rise. For men in the end, he will be 65 years and for women 60 years. The reform also provides for early retirement for mothers of large families, introduced social security for Russians “retirement age”.

From 1 January enter into force the law on increase of the value added tax (VAT) from 18% to 20%. Also established rates of contributions for compulsory pension insurance in the amount of 22% within the installed base for calculation and 10% over the installed base.

Newshousing prices have closed on the networks

Since January 1 Russia will start testing a new tax for self-employed. It will affect citizens who receive income from their activities, but it does not have an employer and do not attract employees under labor contracts. They will have to pay tax from 4% to 6%, the experiment will take place in Moscow, the Moscow and Kaluga regions, Tatarstan.

From 1 January, will appear non-refundable tickets on long-distance trains. Their cost will be below usual. To return the purchased ticket can only be due to sudden death, illness or injury of a passenger or riding with him, a family member, as well as for delays or trip cancellation.

From January 1, will increase the minimum wage (SMIC). It will increase by RUB 117 to the level of the subsistence minimum from 11 to 11 163 RUB 280 RUB.