TFR has heard the complaints of inmates from Uglich

TFR has heard the complaints of inmates from Uglich

Victims of beatings recognized 25 people.

Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in the Yaroslavl region opened a criminal case on the fact of systematic beatings of 25 prisoners in the penal colony No. 3 in Uglich. According to the human rights Fund “Public verdict”, according to whose complaint initiated the investigation, the victims were interrogated and handed over the resolution on the recognition of victims. The source “” in power structures confirms the data of the “Public verdict”. Earlier human rights activists reported that the administration of the colony with threats of forcing prisoners to withdraw complaints.

A criminal case on the fact of torture of prisoners in IK-3 Uglich is being investigated under paragraph “a”, “b” part 3 article 286 of the RF criminal code (exceeding official powers with use of violence, weapons or special means), told “Kommersant” the lawyer of the “Public verdict” Irina Biryukova. Before it within five hours participated in the interrogations of four prisoners who applied for help to the human rights Fund.

During the interrogation, the convicts were fully confirmed by the facts mentioned earlier.

According to Ms. Biryukova, victims in the criminal case in total are 25 people from IR-3. All materials are United in one manufacture. The investigation began on November 22, but convicted only found out a few days ago, when they were interrogated and handed decrees on the recognition of victims. In the SU TFR in the Yaroslavl region criminal case does not comment. Kommersant’s source close to the investigation confirms the information of the “Public verdict”.

On torture in Uglich colony “b” in detail told on 1 November. The prisoner Alexander Kochergin said that he was beaten on 24 October after prison officials are required to give them the phone. According to condemned, he was stripped naked, forced to squat about 50 times, and then beat, “dressed in a robe the cooler, put in “glass” under the stairs, which is located in an unheated room”. Thus the Alexander Kochergin screaming that he has a low immune system from HIV and other serious diseases. He was taken to a cell only when other prisoners began to shout and Bang on doors.

Prisoner Nurali Nurov claims that he was beaten repeatedly with 2016. When he told prosecutors about torture, prison officials allegedly began to threaten him: “the Prosecutor’s office comes and goes, and it sit until 2024, they life will turn to hell, and just settle before releasing drugs, and he will remain in prison”.

Prisoner Mikhail Fadeev, according to the “Public verdict”, beat this spring for admission to the colony. Then he was sent to quarantine, but almost immediately returned and forced to do exercises. He refused because of a cold, and then beat him up, promising that it will happen every day, said human rights activists. And convicted Rafael Miftakhov said that prison guards forced him to write a letter to another inmate, complained of torture to the Prosecutor. He refused to comply with the requirement. Now all these facts check the result.

Prisoners in IK-3 began to complain of torture in prison in October started Prosecutor’s check. Law enforcement agencies began to investigate the conditions of detention of prisoners after the publication of “Novaya Gazeta” about the torture of the convicted Yaroslavl IK-1 Evgeny Makarov. A video of the beating became an occasion to excitation of criminal case, which involves 15 employees UFSIN of Russia across Yaroslavl region. They are arrested, Evgeny Makarov at the beginning of October was released.