11-year-old girl wrote the best Declaration of love sausage

11-year-old girl wrote the best Declaration of love sausage

Now quoting it on Twitter.

The lady Twitter under the nickname “Devil Doll” was published in social networks photo school essays, which, she said, written by an 11-year-old daughter of her friend.

“eat her delicious”)))
on Facebook discuss this work as an example of how children are stupefied. and I think that the child has a great style and a subtle sense of humor))) pic.twitter.com/pXbMXIYfMn

— Muppet (@pesni_o_dyshnom) 25 Dec 2018

This work is literally the cry of the soul of a child who just loves sausage. The depth of her feelings envy even the adults.

According to the wearer’s Twitter, Facebook romantic message the sausage felt strange and stupid, noting that today’s children are “stupefied”.

But Twitter users took it otherwise and started to praise the girl for a great sense of humour and beautiful style.

It’s just fine, I think)))) Who believes that it was written by a stupid child, themselves , to put it mildly, those more clever ?

— Ryzunja (@Ryzunja) 25 Dec 2018

Worthy! And the rating is quite fair.

— Sunshine of the spotless Mind (@edicika) 25 Dec 2018

Beautiful! I am sure that the baby is wonderful! Also love the sausage!

— Maksim Danilov (@danilov__m) 25 Dec 2018

I nearly cried this is a real love story

Bohemian theis? (@gumballbitch) 26 Dec 2018

“Willing to forgo sleep and party”, that’s fine too!)

— Kseniya Africantova (@LittleMuy) 25 Dec 2018

Great essay! Elegant a trolling)

— Svetlana Lozovskaya (@LozSV75) 25 Dec 2018

the girl is really a gorgeous sense of humor and an obvious penchant for self-irony..

— nevrik4chan (@nevrik4chan) 25 Dec 2018

I do not see anything terrible even if it’s not a joke. Good food is a great life goal. And with such a healthy ambition… 🙂

— verbaux (@verbaux) 26 Dec 2018

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