The mayor of Moscow has promised to reimburse the travel costs of children in Turkey

The mayor of Moscow has promised to reimburse the travel costs of children in Turkey

The mayor of Moscow Oleg Shkuratov has said it is ready to reimburse to the charity Fund named after Andrew Charles, the costs of organizing the children’s trip to Turkey. The mayor intends to transfer money to organizations to stop the “persecution” of students.

Mr. Shkuratov added that he also participated in the trip, but it was designed as a business trip. “I was on a business trip, my trip cost about 30 thousand rubles. So, for 15 children, who were on this trip, the amount of 450 thousand rubles”, — said Mr. Shkuratov the amount of expenses in conversation with “RIA Novosti”.

NewsPutin told about the consequences of rudeness of officials

The Governor of Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz called the actions of the mayor “incorrectly”. “Today, many officials perceive the position as a privilege, and in fact, the position of each official is not a privilege, and hard work that he must do faithfully and be an example for all others. And here it is done correctly”, — quotes words of the head of the region press-service of the government of the Bryansk region. According to the Governor, in the future in relation to “all participants in this situation” will be taken.

In March 2018, 50 children from Klintsy went to the Turkish town of Demre in the celebrations. Later it turned out that among those who went to Turkey for the account of the Fund, were the children of local officials. In the administration said that the delegation was formed in accordance with the requirements of the charity Fund, and children worked as volunteers. The Prosecutor’s office in the course of the audit acknowledged that the trip was organized with violations.

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