Raising the retirement age. What and how will change in 2019

Raising the retirement age. What and how will change in 2019

January 1 comes into force a law according to which from 2019 will begin a gradual increase in the retirement age to 60 years for women and 65 years for men. The transition period will last until 2028.

Adaptation to the new rules will help to provide a small step raising the retirement age. In the first few years it will be six months each year. Citizens, who were to retire under the old legislation in the next two years, proposes a special privilege, the right to draw a pension for six months before the new retirement age. That is, if the person is on the new retirement age will have to retire in January 2020, he will be able to do it in July 2019.

The right to early retirement

Under the new legislation, the right to early retirement remain employees in harmful and hazardous conditions, affected by radiation or man-made disasters.

Also, early retirement is entitled to one of the parents or guardian of a disabled from childhood, educate him to eight years.

Still benefits from residing in the far North and in equated districts, has worked as reindeer herders, fishermen, hunters, fishers. Patients with pituitary dwarfism, dwarfs, persons with disabilities due to war injuries, invalids of I group are also entitled to early retirement.

In addition, early retirement will be women who gave birth more than two children and have the necessary experience in the far North and in equated districts. Preserved benefit for women who have given birth five or more children and brought up them to eight years. Also under the new legislation gets the right to early retirement in women with three or four children. They will be able to retire in three or four years earlier the standard retirement age.

The right to early retirement remains in the educational, medical and creative workers. But to her, these workers will be able in a few years after the establishment of a special experience. For example, those who develop the special experience in 2028 and beyond, will be eligible to apply for a pension within five years from the manufacture date of this experience.

The opportunity to retire early, you receive also those who earned a great experience. Women with experience not less than 37 years and men with experience of at least 42 years can retire two years earlier than the generally established retirement age, but not earlier than 55 years for women and 60 for men.