“Classmates” named the hottest event in 2018

“Classmates” named the hottest event in 2018

The first three have entered the fire in the shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, the world Cup and changes in pension legislation.

Social network “Odnoklassniki” has made a rating of the most talked about events in 2018. Users often wrote about the fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, on the second place by quantity of references to the world Cup, the third — changes in pension legislation.

“OK analyzed peaks references throughout the year — the surge of publications and user reviews for free. Event rating was compiled on the main peak, but was taken into account and the resonance of events in time”, — said the press service of the social network on Tuesday.

The peak of publications on fire in the Kemerovo fell on 27 March, when it was declared a national mourning and users have expressed their condolences.

Then this event in social networks remembered throughout the year, especially if there are other tragedies, for example, the attack on the College in Kerch.

During the world Cup users were mainly interested in the game of the Russian team.

After the first successful matches until the quarterfinals of interest to the Russian football players has increased by almost two times. The most discussed moment of the championship match of Russia with Croatia.

The ten most talked-about events of 2018 also includes the election of the President, the opening of the Crimean bridge, the XXIII Olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang, the attack on the College in Kerch accident of An-148 in the suburbs, the death of Joseph Kobzon and the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.