The outcome of the vote found technical problems

The outcome of the vote found technical problems

On elections of the head of Primorye reports on part of the areas equipped by complexes of processing of ballots (COHIBA) are signs of tampering, according to their report, the experts of the movement “Voice.” They found non-standard for printing these devices print. The Central election Commission (CEC) is ready to discuss the report of the “Voices” only after reading them.

The cancellation of the results of the second round of elections of the head of the Primorsky territory on September 16 influenced the course of the new campaign, according to the movement “Voice”: “the Procedure for the nomination and overcome the “municipal filter” were forced to re-take candidates who have already passed it”. The filter is not passed by the independent candidate Andrey Ishchenko, who on September 9 and September 16 participated in the elections as a candidate of the Communist party.

According to experts ‘Voices’ in Vladivostok on 16 December recorded “the facts of mass falsification of the final protocols of election commissions”. To such conclusion the authors came analyzing protocols COHIBA model 2010. They found that some of the documents differs from the standard view of Protocol “is the quality of the font metric of the font being used, the mutual arrangement of the individual blocks of text, the size of the space elements, the row names of the protocols.”

The protocols that meet the standards, the results of the head of the Primorye region Oleg Kozhemyako fluctuate around 40-45%, its nearest competitor — the candidate from the liberal democratic party of Andrew Andreichenko — around 30-35%.

Where documents have signs of tampering, Mr. Kozhemyako received 70% or more, according to “the Voice.”

We will remind, on elections on December 16 the average for the region Oleg Kozhemyako scored 61,88%, Andrew Andreichenko — 26,1%. The report even provides the formula which, according to experts of the “Voice” was used for distribution of votes. For example, on plots assigned to the Leninskiy TEC of Vladivostok, the number of votes for the candidate from the Party of growth Alexey Timchenko is equal to twice the number of votes for the representative of the party “For women of Russia” Rose Chemerys.

Members of the movement “the Voice” require the CEC to conduct an audit of results of counting of votes on sites with signs of fraud and advise the electoral Commission of Primorsky Krai sue claims for cancellation of results of voting in 38 stations.

“In Primorye came the most experienced strategists. But the method of falsification can find out if conscientiously approach the investigative experiment. Rooms COHIBA is known, they have storage devices”, — said “Kommersant” member of the Board of “the Voice” Andrey Buzin.

Recall that the results of the second round of elections on September 16 was considered invalid. “Who was doing there and what it was doing with these documents, ballots, who delved into computers, adjust there is all sorts of data still not installed. I was really hoping we were really hoping to re-election of the perpetrators of the fraud will be found and punished,” — stated at a CEC session on 19 December the Minister Ella Pamfilova. The next day, she and her Deputy Nikolai Bulaev met with representatives of “the Voice”. Member of the Board of the movement Grigory Melkonyants said then, the CEC is ready to study in detail the motion information for COHIBA in the December elections.