Putin and Lukashenko began to discuss “old problems” in the Kremlin

Putin and Lukashenko began to discuss “old problems” in the Kremlin

The presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko began the talks in the Kremlin. Both presidents acknowledged the existence of problems in relations between the two countries, but to list them in front of the journalists. Mainly, issues arise in the energy sector, said before the talks Putin.

Earlier, Lukashenko was dissatisfied with the prices of “Gazprom”, considering that Belarus must pay for gas as much as Russian consumers. In addition, Belarusian officials have repeatedly stated about the multi-billion dollar losses of the budget of Belarus from the tax maneuver, which next year is planned to be completed in Russia.

NewsLukashenko discussed with the officials of “Russian pressure”

According to the presidents of Russian and Belarusian Ministers have held preliminary talks. Putin offered Lukashenko to listen to Ministers and then to decide: If we agree, will be quite good. Must take all, to avoid any complexities in future. We are always with you managed to find the solution.

Lukashenko expressed confidence that the parties fail to agree: “I would Like, of course, so we decided that in the new year not to drag old problems”. However, he added: “Let’s be Frank: (problems) are generated not by us. We are involved in a global process, so the problems that develop in world trade, world economy, world politics, military matters, we don’t want to be dragged into these issues, but they need to solve.”

The leaders continue closed to the press.

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