Whom we lost in 2018

Whom we lost in 2018

Every December we are taking in and the sad results. The most well-known people for whom 2018 was the last year of life, in the photo gallery Mail.ru news.

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One of the leading actors of the Moscow theatre of satire Mikhail Derzhavin died 10 January on 82-m to year of life. According to his relatives, the cause of death could be ischemic heart disease. Derzhavin played 54 roles in theater and a 32 role in the movie, but more widely known as a humorist. He became famous first of all by participation in a humorous TV show “Tavern “13 chairs” and pop in tandem with Alexander Shirvindt.


The soloist of the Irish rock band The Cranberries Dolores O’riordan died on 15 January at the age of 46 years. Her body was found in a London hotel room. Eight months later, it became known that the singer drowned in the bath — she was there in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

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People’s artist of Russia, singer Lyudmila Senchina , died 25 Jan. Last year and a half of her life she struggled with pancreatic tumor.

AP 20184/30

On 10 March it became known about the death of famous fashion designer, the founder of the House of high fashion , Hubert de Givenchy. The cause of death was not disclosed. He was 91.

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Artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov, outstanding actor Oleg Tabakov died March 12 after a long illness. Actor Shine on stage and screen more than half a century, having played over two hundred roles, from chief of German intelligence Schellenberg in “Seventeen moments of spring” to the housekeeper Andrew in “Mary Poppins, goodbye”. And tobacco voiced cat Matroskin in the cartoon “Three from Buttermilk”.

AP 20186/30

Eminent theoretical physicist Stephen William Hawking passed away March 14 at the age of 76 years. Most of his life he struggled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, chained to his wheelchair. The ashes of the scientist buried in Westminster Abbey, near the graves of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

RIA “Novosti”7/30

The founder of the largest financial pyramid MMM Sergei Mavrodi died March 26. The great machination died at the Botkin hospital from a heart attack.

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Film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia Oleg anofriyev died March 28 at 88-m to year of life. Anofriyev is known for such films as “Girl with guitar”, “Tale of time lost”, “Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, etc. He also voiced cartoons, including “the Bremen town musicians” and “How Lion and Turtle sang a song”.


Czech and American Director Milos Forman died April 14. His most famous film “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” received all the major awards of the American film Academy: for best picture, script, Director and the two actors play. Among his other outstanding films — “Amadeus”, “the People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Valmont”.


21 April due to cardiac arrest died people’s artist Nina Doroshina. National recognition she has won since the release of the film “Love and pigeons”.


On the death of Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, known worldwide as Avicii, has become known on April 20. He committed suicide at the age of 28 years. Avicii became popular in 2010 thanks to the songs My Feelings for You Seek Bromance, Levels and Blessed. Three years later wrote the Avicii hit Wake Me Up, the video is on YouTube has been viewed more than 1.7 billion times.

RIA “Novosti”12/30

6 Jun 84-m to year of life after long illness has died the Director and screenwriter Kira Muratova. An outstanding film Director and screenwriter took many favourite movies: “brief encounters”, “the Long goodbye”, “Asthenic syndrome” and “the Adjuster”. Her death reported by husband Eugene Golubenko.

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Russian and Soviet film Director Stanislav Govorukhin , died June 14 at the age of 82 years. He is best known for the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”. Jennifer Lawrence has also directed such films as “the End of a great era”, “Vertical”, “Ten little Indians”, “In search of captain Grant” and “Voroshilov sharpshooter”.

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Famous conductor and pianist Gennady Rozhdestvensky died in Moscow on 16 June. He was 87 years old. In different years Christmas he has conducted orchestras in Russia and abroad — including managed the orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre and the Vienna Symphony orchestra.

AP 201815/30

On June 18 in Miami killed 20-year-old rapper Casea Onfroy, known under the pseudonym XXXTentacion. Two criminals shot him when he was sitting in his car, was taken from the cabin bag and fled. XXXTentacion was one of the main stars of the new wave of American hip-hop.

RIA “Novosti”16/30

On June 26 the death of the poet and broadcaster Andrey Dementyev. He did not live to 90-year anniversary less than a month. Dementiev wrote the words to such popular songs as “Stuntmen”, “Swan fidelity”, “Alenushka”, “Father’s house”, “the ballad of the mother”, “Natalie” and many others. Headed the literary magazine “Youth”: under his leadership it became one of the most popular publications of the Soviet era.

RIA “Novosti”17/30

Soviet and Russian writer Vladimir Voinovich died July 28 at 86-year life. He is known for his ironic anti-utopia “Moscow 2042” and the trilogy about the soldier Ivan Chonkin. In addition, the song “Fourteen minutes to go”, the author of the text which is Voinovich, became the unofficial anthem of Soviet cosmonauts.

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Actor, Director and artistic Director of the theatre “Practice” Dmitry Brusnikin died on 9 August from heart failure. He starred in such series as “St. Petersburg mysteries”, “Turkish March”, “Detectives” and “Dossier detective Dubrovsky”.

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Children’s writer Eduard Uspensky died on August 14 after a long battle with cancer. He gave us the book “Crocodile Gena and his friends”, “Holidays in Prostokvashino”, “Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat.” The assumption was also made by the writer of cartoons about these characters.

AP 201820/30

“Queen of soul” and best-selling artist in the world Aretha Franklin died on August 16. The last years she struggled with pancreatic cancer. In 1987 Franklin became the first woman whose name was included in the “Hall of fame rock-n-roll”. During her professional career she has been awarded 18 Grammy awards

RIA “Novosti”21/30

People’s artist of USSR and state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon, passed away August 30. He was 80 years old. Since 2005, he has fought with cancer. Many they performed songs became popular hits. Including — “darkie”, “And we in the yard”, “Old maple”, “I love you, life”, “Moments”, “Dark night”, “city garden” and many others.

AFP 201822/30

The French chansonnier of Armenian origin Charles Aznavour died on 1 October at the age of 94. During his career he recorded more than 1300 songs, and has played in more than 60 films.

RIA “Novosti”23/30

Pop artist Roman Kartsev died 2 Oct. The cause of his death was a heart attack. Actor and satirist known for roles in the films “heart of a Dog”, “Old jades” “the Master and Margarita” and his Comedy monologues.

AP 201824/30

Opera diva Montserrat Caballe , died 6 Oct. She was 85 years old. During its half-century acting career, she performed almost 90 roles and about 800 chamber works. Caballe has performed on one stage with such masters of Opera as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. And hit Barcelona, and performed with Freddie mercury, became the anthem of the Olympic games in 1992.

RIA “Novosti”25/30

On 29 October, the day before her 74th birthday, passed away one of the most famous Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema Nikolay Karachentsov. Thirteen years ago he had an accident and received a severe head injury, after which was not able to recover and continue an artistic career. A year ago, he found a malignant tumor in the lung.
During his career Karachentsov played more than a hundred films, including “the Eldest son”, “dog in the manger”, “the adventures of electronics”, “the House that swift built”, “Man from Boulevard des Capucines”.
An artist all his life served in “Lenkom”. The greatest popularity brought him the image of count Rezanova in fate-an Opera “Juno and Avos”.


American writer, author of comics Marvel Stan Lee died on 12 Nov 96-m to year of life. In collaboration with several artists, he came up with spider-Man, Hulk, Iron man, Thor, the Avengers and Fantastic four.

Official website of artist Eugene Осина27/30

Singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” Evgeniy Osin died November 17 of heart failure at the age of 54 years. It is known that the singer was being treated in hospital for alcohol dependence.

AP 201828/30

November 26, died on the Italian Director and playwright, winner of the award “Oscar” Bernardo Bertolucci. The Creator of the cult film “Last tango in Paris”, “Little Buddha” and “the Last Emperor” died after a long illness at the age of 77 years.
Bertolucci has repeatedly been awarded for contribution to art at the Venice and Cannes film festivals. In 2013, he received a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood.

AFP 201829/30

Former US President George Bush senior died on 30 November aged 94 years. He led the country from 1989 to 1993. During the reign of Bush the Soviet Union collapsed and cold war ended. Had the father of the 43 th U.S. President George W. Bush.

RIA “Novosti”30/30

Member of the Council on human rights, the oldest Russian human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva died December 8 at age 91. She was Chairman of the Moscow Helsinki group. The human rights activist was in the top 10 most influential women of Russia.